Valorant players call on Riot to fix broken vision cones

By Olivia Richman


Sep 9, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant players are convinced that the game’s broken vision cones are sabotaging their own teams. 

A vision cone is a person’s area and angle of sight. It’s what they see without their peripheral vision. In a first-person shooter like Valorant, the vision cone is important in that it shows where a player is aiming towards. 

In Valorant, some players have noticed that their vision cones are not matching the view they should have of the map, according to the vision cone’s display on the minimap. One player posted some examples of this on Reddit, showing their actual view versus what they would be seeing if the minimap display was accurate. 

In the screenshot below, the player shows their scoped vision on Haven mid window. Instead of looking up the stairs and seeing B Site, as the minimap indicates, the player’s vision cone has them staring straight at a wall. The stairs are barely even visible. 

Haven Valorant vision cone broken

The frustrated Valorant player took multiple screenshots from three different maps. The second screenshot was taken on Ascend from Mid top. The player attempts to use their scope to view Mid bottom, which should be quite possible from their location according to the minimap. 


Ascend Valorant vision cone broken

Players were particularly frustrated because the views were not even close to what was being displayed on the minimap.

To prove just how off the vision cones were, the player took a follow-up screenshot on Ascend that showed just how much they had to sidestep to finally see Mid bottom. The minimap looks the same, but the Valorant community could see just how exposed the player had to be in order to get the corrected view.

Ascend Valorant vision cone broken

Will Valorant respond to vision cone issues? 

In the past, Valorant developers have been very open about discussing issues players have pointed out in their game. The responsiveness about the community’s problems and concerns has been one thing that has made some Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players take the leap to the newer FPS. 

Players urged the Valorant community to share the post, hoping that it would get Riot’s attention. They deemed this issue “unacceptable” for a competitive 5v5 tactical shooter, but worried that Riot’s response wouldn’t be satisfactory. Many felt the developers would write “we hear you” without actually fixing the issue. Others felt Riot may even say the players were incorrect for thinking there’s a problem with the vision cones. 

Despite the fear Valorant players have that Riot may brush off the possibly game-breaking vision cone problem, many other Valorant fans noted that acknowledging the problem at all was better than Valve seeming not to address similar issues when they’ve arisen in CSGO. 

So far, Riot developers have not responded to the vision cone issue.