Valorant players are banding together to find better teammates

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 29, 2021

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The solo queue experience in Valorant isn’t pleasant for everyone. Some players have discovered a new way to make it bearable.

Imagine being able to queue with players who specifically complement your play style, pick agents according to team requirements, and communicate well. All of this is now more possible with the help of a new website created by Valorant players. 

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Winning solo ranked games isn’t a cakewalk, especially in first-person shooters. Communication, team coordination, or just being in the right frame of mind are all crucial to winning shooter games. However, achieving all of that in solo games can feel almost impossible when you’re playing Valorant. From agent selection to dealing with toxicity after you whiff an easy shot, it can all be taxing. 

A group of Valorant players were so sick of in-game toxicity that they’ve launched a new website to help others find compatible teammates. A Reddit named duffa user shared the link and encouraged the players to create their profiles to make their solo experience a tad bit better. 

Players are finding compatible Valorant teammates on

The website is called, and it allows you to find players who fill other essential roles in your Valorant squad. For example, if you’ve already picked Reyna as your primary agent on your profile, you can request a player with a different agent to queue along with you. The website allows you to surf through important information about your potential teammate before sending them a queue request. 

While Valorant’s ranked games are infamous for their various flaws, players are particularly tired of “insta pick” players who nab away powerful agents without any team consultation. The problem with solo queue starts from the agent selection screen, which heavily impacts how the rest of the game goes. might be able to solve this issue as the website displays important player information on their profiles in bold letters. 

Here’s some information you can find on profile. 

  • Role they like to play (entry, support, passive)
  • Are they a strategist or a leader?
  • Their primary and secondary agent
  • Tim availability
  • Prior experience in Valorant
  • Rank 

Using this information, you can pick your desired teammate before you jump into ranked queues. This may help you climb the ranks faster if you’re already a skilled player but feel stuck in ELO hell. While Riot Games has a strict anti-cheat and ban system, websites like this could help resolve issues developers put in the backseat to prioritize more urgent matters. 


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