Valorant player with Parkinson’s Disease hits Immortal rank

Fariha Bhatti • June 6, 2021 1:26 am

While some players have trouble ranking up in Valorant after killing hours in the shooting range, this player with Parkinson’s disease has reached Immortal with his unique gameplay. 

Ranking up in Valorant is no easy feat. Tons of players have complained about how ranked games can be more challenging than a professional tournament. However, Mr Toes is manifesting the ranked matches with his incredible gameplay despite a severe illness. Mr Toes, who also goes by the name Dreamuie, has Parkinson’s disease, but it doesn’t stop him from making top-ranked players sweat. The player recently hit the second-highest rank Immortal, and it has left many players in shock. 

It does come as a surprise since Valorant is a first-person shooter game that heavily relies on aim and quickness, two qualities that Mr Toes struggles with due to Parkinson’s. He has revealed in his past videos that he has a difficult time aiming for heads due to panic attacks, shakiness, and struggles with precise movement. However, he makes up for his weaker areas by highlighting other qualities in his gameplay.

In his recent video, Mr Toes explained that he had climbed a higher rank in Valorant with zero help. He mostly queued solo and relied on fast rotations, callouts, trading, smart peeking, and time management. 

Valorant isn’t a typical FPS where players live and die on their ability to sharpshoot. Mr Toes explained that he’s a great team player, which allows him to contribute through trading, rotating, and listening to his teammates. To make up for his trouble spraying, the player uses Jett to have faster movement and firepower. 

The hitbox of Valorant agents can make shooting a tall order, especially at long range. A player with great reflexes may need hours of practice to land a perfect headshot, but the symptoms of Mr Toes’ Parkinson’s restricts him from scoring much in the headshot department. However, he’s found a different way to score kills. According to the player, he doesn’t even try to aim for the head anymore. His body sprays have proven to be enough to get kills and hang in top ELOs. 

Mr Toes has been recording his journey as a player with Parkinson’s for a long time now, but he faced a stiff challenge when it came to getting to Immortal rank. His ability to adjust and reach the top proves that there are a lot of different things that make a good Valorant player.


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