Valorant player recreates Icebox as a realistic map in 3D

Fariha Bhatti • August 11, 2021 5:36 pm

Valorant’s icy tundra Icebox is even more haunting in high-definition. 

The fourth Valorant map released at the end of Episode 1 was a unique addition to Valorant’s summer theme. It brought horizontal zip lines and an abandoned tundra blanketed in snow, two things Valorant never had before. The stark scenery of Icebox always had dark undertones, but a more realistic version of the map is positively spine-tingling.

A player named Ravoux shared a small clip of his design of Icebox that looks like any actual forsaken icy location. 

Icebox is a relatively small map with less range to execute crazy plays. The unusual design featuring a tight interior and cold landscape has made it one of the least popular maps in Valorant. However, players still enjoy playing in this location when they fancy a change of scenery. In Ravoux’s Icebox, the silence and empty grounds add a cryptic air that makes his version even more dark in its realism. 

Instead of smooth stark icebergs, this version has rough mountains with granite peaking behind the snow curtains. The same rocks are splattered on the ground, adding dark tones to the overall bright location. Walls are painted in the same shades, with KNG logos plastered on them. The middle area is also quite vivid, with heaps of soft ice resting against the bright yellow backdrop of containers. 

Icebox has a well-defined scenery, but Ravoux has taken everything up a notch with an animated touch of snowfall. Even the text details on the walls and containers were taken into consideration. The creator revealed that he’d used Maya, Substance Painter, Quixel Bridge, and the new Unreal Engine 5 to copy Riot Games’ fifth addition to Valorant map pool. The entire process from gathering references, modelling, texturing, and editing took him two weeks. 

It’s evident that the creator put tons of effort into achieving a more realistic tundra, and his hard work has paid off. 

Valorant developer approves of player’s Icebox rework 

Ravoux’s work got the attention of Valorant, as head of the video production for VALORANT marketing R3DALERT went “cold” after looking at the Icebox rework. The developer praised the marvelous recreation of Ravoux and instantly subscribed to his YouTube channel to follow his other works. 

This isn’t Ravoux’s first or final work. The designer plans on recreating every single map in Valorant in his more realistic tones. It’ll be fun to see how he tackles the troll-teleporters of Bind. 


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