Valorant patch 1.04 makes playing Viper easier, nerfs Brimstone

By Morten Marstal


Jul 22, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant released its 1.04 patch notes, bringing buffs, nerfs, ult changes, and bug fixes to the game. 

The biggest change in the patch notes is for Viper, who got a significant buff to Viper’s Pit. The time she is allowed out of her ult before it collapses has been changed to 15 seconds. Alongside this change, enemies inside Viper’s Pit no longer transmit enemy locations to allies on the minimap, and the brightness of the red enemy glow at the edge of Viper’s near-sight has been increased. Players can now also hold down the ult button ability key to drop her ult early.

Viper’s Decay and Fuel were also changed. Enemy decay per second was increased from 10 to 15 from all sources. After exiting her smoke, the decay remains for 2.5 seconds. Perhaps most importantly, fuel consumption when using both Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen simultaneously has been halved, with the expenditure being similar to using just one of the skills.

Brimstone and Raze hit hard by Valorant patch 1.04

Raze and Brimstone both received an increase in ult points from six to seven. Brimstone received a few more nerfs in addition to his ult change. Stim Beacon no longer buffs enemies and no longer shows its radius to enemies. He’s also been given a literal buff, because the devs have increased the fidelity of his arms.

Fans are excited over Cypher’s Cyber Cage now being available during the buy phase. This is a small quality of life improvement for those who fat-finger the skill accidentally. 

Also included are bug fixes for the Classic and an easier-to-compare stats user interface in the menu during the pre-round buy phase.

The Classic got a weapon update that included some bug fixes and a buff to running speed, but was slightly nerfed in jumping and walking speed. A 10% bonus to accuracy was added when crouching and stationary.

The full patch notes, which includes other quality of life improvements, performance updates, and bug fixes, can be found on Valorant’s website


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