Valorant new skin bundle teased with unique animations, melee

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 7, 2021

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Riot Games has teased a brand new skin bundle coming to Valorant in an upcoming patch update. 

After a surprise opening of Valorant’s Night. Market, the developer has dropped a teaser for brand new skin bundle Origin, set to release in the game’s coming patches. Content art lead Sean Marino and senior producer Preeti Khanolkar released video clips of the bundle’s weapons during an interview with DiegoteTV on YouTube. 

Each Valorant skin bundle is better than the previous one in terms of design and overall creativity. The new Origin trailer also seems promising as it teases a brand new inspect animation. All Valorant skin bundles have the same old inspect element, but the Origin collection will feature a unique movement that will allow players to show off their weapons as long as they want. A smooth swish will hover the gun mid-air, making Origin one of the most outlandish set so far. 

The bundle will be released for the following weapons: 

  • Vandal 
  • Frenzy 
  • Operator 
  • Bucky 
  • Melee 

While the new animation is undoubtedly a hallmark of this bundle, it also features an exceptional melee weapon. Previous bundles like Oni, Prime, and a few others introduced different melee weapons that didn’t look like your typical knife. Origin doubles down on that with a claw melee weapon that looks like a brass knuckle. The developer showcased the melee that appeared to be a circular knuckle knife and turned into a full Beyblade when inspected with Origin’s unique animation. 

Riot discusses what makes Origin weapons different in Valorant

Sean Marino explained that the concept behind the latest bundle is much different than other weapons. With this collection, the developer wants to highlight Valorant’s magical and futuristic universe. The Origin finisher animation seems to have advanced technology that shoots your opponent into another dimension.

“If someone from 100 years ago were to see an iPhone in their world, they would think it’s just straight magic, we wanted to have this gun feel like it was magical, but it really is just really advanced technology,” Marino said. 

Visually, the skins are relatively simple and minimalistic, but the real juice is in the inspect animation. The weapons will likely be released under the premium tier that costs big money due to the new melee and primary weapons. Each skin is also upgradeable to achieve better animations and unlock different colors, further boosting the price tag for Origin. 

The developer hasn’t revealed the release date, but Origin should likely arrive with Episode 3 soon. 


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