Valorant has a new Twitch Prime gunbuddy coming out October 19

By Nick Johnson


Oct 18, 2020

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Riot Games didn’t invent the gunbuddy, but it takes the cake for the best weapon charm with the first-person shooter’s “Pay Respects” Twitch Prime weapon charm.

Valorant’s new gunbuddy drops October 19 as the second of three Twitch Prime drops for the popular game. Now called Prime Gaming, the platform normally keeps its viewers in the dark about when an exclusive drop will wind up in their notifications. But a little digging and a bit of luck turned up proof of what several fans already figured out: a Call of Duty meme was going to be Valorant’s next Prime drop.

How long will players have to wait for the next Prime Gaming Valorant drop?

Players originally found the “Pay Respects” gunbuddy listed under Valorant’s cosmetic “Collections” tab, just after Riot announced its partnership with Twitch and its owner, Amazon. Vuewers have the opportunity to claim two free gunbuddies and an exclusive spray over the first part of the deal between the two companies.

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It might the best cosmetic that players have seen in Valorant to date. Players and streamers still use the meme to this day, and there’s a world where Valorant’s competitive games on October 19 are filled with “F”s as Prime Gaming members throw on their new charms. Despite some controversy over Riot’s planned monetization of Valorant, there are a solid 50 tiers worth of awards players can earn by working their way up the ladder and completing daily and weekly missions.

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It’s not a bad deal, especially for a free-to-play game with 128-tick servers.  But players who are holding out hope for Prime Gaming’s exclusive Valorant spray might have to wait a little longer. 

Just below the release date and a live release link for “Pay Respects”,” Prime Gaming had penciled on another date, this one marked November 13 as the next opportunity Valorant fans will have to grab one of the exclusive Valorant items. Amazon has since tightened up its coverage in the way it takes viewers from the desktop application to the website, meaning that it’s unlikely fans will get more heads up like this in the future. 

Valorant’s last Twitch Prime spray drop should go live on November 13.

Press “F.”

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