Valorant fan creates tool to easily change entire skin loadouts

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 11, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Imagine being able to create your own loadout that you can quickly change before a game. Well, this tool designed by a Valorant player lets you enjoy all your skins. 

Valorant bundles are extravagant, unique, and expensive. It’s quite unfortunate that players pay big money for a skin, but are forced to put them on the proverbial shelf as soon as a new bundle arrives. Currently, Valorant doesn’t have a feature that lets players automatically rotate their loadout, but players have taken things into their own hands. 

A Redditor named Cman has created his own tool to squeeze the full juice out of his inventory.

Cman has previously leveraged the client API to build custom features for loadouts. Before this new tool, he created a tool that allowed players to switch between skins while in the game randomly. Soon after the reveal, the tool went viral in the Valorant community, ultimately getting a Riot Games developer’s attention and garnering applause from them. The creator also received a rare Riot fist buddy as a token of appreciation. 

This time, he’s created a similar tool that allows players to develop skin sets that they can switch before entering the queue. Instead of choosing a weapon for each gun every time, you only have to create bundles once. In the clip, Cman showcased how he assembled a weapon bundle of his choice and entered range. He instantly changed to an “alternate loadout” without wasting time equipping new guns before entering the next game. Each time he had a unique mix of skins just by selecting a different option. 

At the moment, players have to equip each weapon separately, which can be tedious. There are 17 guns in Valorant including sidearms, SMGs, shotguns, rifles, snipers, and heavy weapons. Replacing each skin isn’t an easy task. The community has been asking for several other loadout equipping options like having preset loadouts, skin bundles dedicated to each agent, and so on but there hasn’t been any progress so far. This tool lets players get the most out of their purchases in the meantime. 

While there hasn’t been a word from the developer whether there will ever be tools to quickly customize skin loadouts, players can still use client API to modify loadouts, and can do so without worrying about a ban. The client API isn’t officially supported for third-party use, so Cman’s tools are available for all.