Valorant developers reveal future Yoru buffs, new controller agents

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In a statement made by Riot Games about the state of Valorant’s agents, character producer John Gosicki talked about the upcoming agent release and the current balance of agent classes. The statement addressed many community questions about the controller class, Viper, Yoru, and even teased some aspects of the next agent to be released.

No Viper changes on the horizon

Valorant’s problem child Viper is still not as powerful as her counterparts. The community has been asking for Riot to buff her repeatedly. While she has been given some balance updates, the main sentiment from fans is that the changes were not enough.

Unfortunately, Gosicki said that there are no plans for the agent in the next patch. The team will instead be focusing on Brimstone and Omen while figuring out where Viper fits between those two agents. 

“She has a really unique spot within the roster and we want to make sure that any work we do goes towards highlighting the specific play patterns she represents, in conjunction with her power fantasy,” Gosicki wrote.

Yoru will be receiving buffs

Yoru Valorant buff

Valorant’s newest champion will be receiving some much-needed buffs since the agent has not been as successful as Riot wanted him to be on launch. After looking through the data and how players have utilized his kit so far, Riot has decided that the Japanese agent may need some improvements before he can be a staple in the game like many of the agents released before him.

While no specifics were given, expect some number changes to hit the agent in the future.

New agent tease

In the statement, Gosicki revealed that the new agent will be in the controller class. Along with adding more agents with smokes in the game, he also added that the new agent will disrupt the flow of the game that players have grown to expect.

“This one is for all you ‘galaxy brain’ players out there that like to study everything that happens on a map,” Gosicki wrote.

This tease has many in the community speculating that the new agent will fit well in the competitive scene as an agent designed for in-game leaders.


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