Valorant bug lets Cypher quickly destroy Sage walls with camera

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 13, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant patch 2.00 comes with tons of trivial glitches, but Cypher’s ability to ignore Sage’s Barrier Orb could be game-breaking. 

Valorant Episode 2 comes with game-breaking bugs that not only destroy Sage’s wall but facilitate Cypher to make discreet moves. New glitches in Valorant let Cypher’s Spycam slip through Sage’s Barrier Orb without making a noise. The camera can also break the wall immediately upon interaction. The exploits existed before the update but patch 2.00 doesn’t fix the bugs. 

When Cypher’s camera is deployed, it naturally sticks to solid spots near it. However, The Morrocan Sentinel’s toolkit lets him place his camera through Sage’s wall after the update. Previously, the Spycam turned red when pointed at the barrier, denoting that it’s undeployable. This bug silently negates enemy constructs as the Spycam glides through the wall and gives a clear peek into the opposite side. 

For example, if the enemy’s Sage creates a barrier middle to watch B long, Cypher can walk in, place a camera on mid market through the barrier and execute a smooth flank on Defenders. This wall exploit could be a massive game-changer as enemies will be utterly clueless of Cypher’s backstep. On top of everything, the Sentinel can reuse his camera throughout the round if it goes undetected by the enemies, making Cypher deadlier than ever. 

Cypher’s camera can destroy Sage’s barrier after the update 

Another simple trick allows players to instantly destroy the wall. The sturdiness of Sage’s Wall sets it apart from Pheonix’s Blaze and Viper’s Toxic Screen. Players often have to empty clips into the wall to bust a hole through it, but this bug allows Cypher to place the camera through it, which instantly breaks a piece out of Sage’s wall. 

To make this work, the camera must be placed near an actual wall in-game. Upon deployment, the camera will stick to the nearest wall, destroying the enemy’s cover instantly. This bug makes Sage’s Barrier Orb significantly weaker when dealing with a Cypher. 

These are most likely bugs since Cypher’s kit is not meant to work this way. His camera is supposed to attach against a solid surface, whereas these bugs defy those rules. Moreover, the recent Sage buffs raised the importance of the Barrier Orb in post-plant situations, meaning Cypher undoes a lot of those gains. This is doubly frustrating when one considers that Sage only gets to place one wall per round, whereas Cypher’s camera is re-deployable, giving him a massive advantage. 

The bug has been known for some time now but Riot hasn’t deployed a fix for it yet. Given how popular Cypher is, it’s unlikely that Sage can gain serious traction until this is remedied.