Valorant agent 18 name leaked, unique abilities teased

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 9, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant’s cast recently expanded with the addition of cyber initiator Kay/O, but it seems Riot Games is firing on all cylinders to load up the roster.

Data miners and leakers have already rummaged through the game’s files and discovered some details regarding the 18th Valorant agent. Floxayy and ValorLeaks, who have unearthed information ahead of major Valorant updates in the past, found the code name for a potential new agent. The leakers came across the handle “Sprinter” and shared it with fans who are still getting the hang of Kay/O. The developer rolled out the new agent in Episode 3 Act 1, so no one was expecting leaks and reports just now. 

What are the abilities of Valorant agent 18?

The code name gives a pretty clear indication of what the hero’s abilities might be. Given that Valorant just added a new initiator and that there are already five duelists to choose from in Valorant, Sprinter may be a sentinel who can help his teammates cover more territory with his abilities. That said, speed-focused characters in other hero shooters such as the Scout in Team Fortress 2, Octane in Apex Legends, and Tracer in Overwatch would all fit into a more duelist-like role if they were transplanted into Valorant. 

While the code name surely piqued the interest of some players, many are left confused. The YR1 anthem of Valorant teased a sleek and suave agent, dubbed “Deadeye.” The spy-looking agent appeared to have an eye like Sova, which led the players to believe that he may have heightened senses and vision. The name Deadeye was observed by some keen-eyed players who saw it scribbled on his weapon. 

So, players are now confused about Agent 18, is it Deadeye or Sprinter? 

Though it’s possible that Sprinter is just a placeholder name in the files and the hero’s actual in-game name will be Deadeye, the implications of the names make this seem unlikely. There’s also a chance that the developer may be gearing up to break from tradition and release two agents in the next act. 

When is Valorant agent 18 coming? 

It is unknown when Sprinter, Deadeye, or any other Valorant agent may come out. Valorant’s next act is set to begin on July 22 which will be followed by the following act launching at some point in October. Those would be the most likely release dates for new Valorant agents.