Vaevictis eSports’ LCL 2019 run marked by brutally poor stats

By Marta Juras


Oct 27, 2019

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Vaevictis eSports is a predominantly female League of Legends team that hasn’t taken a single match in the League of Legends Continental League since February. They are currently on a 30-game losing streak.

The Russian team went through a number of roster shuffles throughout the year, with members often switching their main roles as coaches joined and left. None of this yielded positive results in competitive play. Vaevictis hasn’t won a game since they took down Future Perfect Demacia in February, now a disbanded team.

With the finish of the LCL 2019 spring split, Vaevictis sat in last place with a 0% win rate. This isn’t necessarily surprising given that the team’s individual players can’t really be considered top tier players and the other LCL teams see them as no threat at all.

Vaevictis eSports goes winless through the LCL season

Reddit user u/IAmNotOnRedditAtWork shared some fun insights from the team’s seasonal run. Their average number of deaths per game was 26, and they haven’t taken a single baron buff or inhibitor this season. They only managed to take 11 towers in total. It took 11 games for them to destroy their first tower.

Moreover, Vaevictis’ mid-laner Daniil “Remus” Klimanov, currently the only male member of the active roster, averaged a low of 4.74 CS per minute, meaning he couldn’t even last-hit one full minion wave per minute. The team is often memed by their opponents who win games against them while playing Teemo, Ezreal support, and even ADC Nami.

Vaevictis’ catastrophic scores and performances might be funny to some, but it casts a dark shadow over LCL. How the team came to hold a spot in the league, and what exactly the team’s purpose is, remains a subject of some controversy.


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