How to play Sova

Use these Sova shock dart lineups to protect the Spike on Icebox

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 3, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant hunter Sova may seem like a passive gatherer of intelligence to some, but his arrows can be deadly when properly used on the attacking side. 

Valorant’s newest map, Icebox, is finally becoming less vexing as players are adapting to its cool scenery and tight choke points. With Icebox becoming more popular, players’ schemes around the map are also developing. Icebox is turning into a competitive location that calls for calculated plays and mind-games. 

Set within an excavation site buried in snow, Icebox is not an easy map to play by any stretch. Winning rounds in attackers is exceptionally challenging as tight corners signal a difficult entry. If you do get a Spike plant, protecting it becomes a tall order. These Sova lineups on bomb point B and A can help you win rounds as attackers on Icebox. 

For bomb point, A, plant the Spike for the default green box under rafters. Run towards the attacker’s spawn and prepare your retake lineup. Attach yourself to the railing’s second bar in the base and place your crosshair in the middle of the darker roof panel, as shown in the image. 

Blog post image

Set the shock bolt to zero bounces, charge the bar halfway, and shoot your arrow. Double bolts will annihilate enemies anywhere near the default Spike plant. 

The ideal position to plant Spike at bomb point B is the default green box next to the B-hall tube. After putting down the bomb, move towards green and place your aim in the middle of two containers. Using the arrow bar as a guide, align the second line with the KNG logo. 

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Zero bounces and a half-charged arrow should electrocute the enemy defusing the Spike. You will need to utilize both of the arrows, as the first shock will injure the enemy down to around 24 HP. 

Both of these lineups could be game-changers in one-versus-one situations, as they can guarantee an instant win. If more than one enemy is alive to pick up the fight, use these lineups as a threat to keep the defenders at bay whenever you hear the defuse sound cue. 

Can Sova’s shock bolt kill an enemy in Valorant? 

Sova’s C ability or shock bolt is undoubtedly capable of killing an enemy. The tiny bolts render damage of 90, and a double bolt can efficiently finish off a healthy armored agent. While it’s easier to run away from an incoming bolt, a well-calculated shock dart is impossible to dodge due to its speed and small size.