Use these Cypher one-way lineups to rain kills on Split

Fariha Bhatti • April 16, 2021 3:47 pm

Cypher’s tripwire is the perfect antidote to deal with aggressive enemies on Split. His unique cages are just as effective, new lineups demonstrate. 

Valorant has specifically levied blocking sights on controllers, but a few other agents are also gifted with unique smokes. Cypher is essentially a Sentinel, but his hollow cage shrouds entries and rackets when an enemy comes in contact with the milky grey ring. While his smokes are helpful on all maps, they become essential on a location like Split where a cage can easily block narrow entries. 

Cypher can lure enemies into his trap by tactical combinations of tripwire and smoke on the attacker side. Placing them strategically on Split can help your teammates defend a site effectively, Reddit user u/theIdiotGoat shows how. 

For the first one-way on B site, attach yourself with the grey bar near the entrance and place your crosshair at the wooden beam, as shown in the image. 

Throw the cage and deploy it at enemy sound cue. The hollow zone will create a one-way angle for you, providing a clear view of the B entryway. The enemies will only see Cypher’s cage, ultimately bringing them into your crosshair. 

For A site, align your crosshair with the pillar and aim at the dark area on the ledge. Throw the cage and move into the back of the site to view enemies crossing A main.

This lineup works better when combined with a simple tripwire that will daze incoming attackers. Place your trip at the edge of the box and then move back into the same position. Enemies usually don’t expect any hindrance at this angle as they’re erratically rushing in, which is why this tripwire works most of the time. Activate your cage at the sound cue to drop kills on concussed enemies. 

The final lineup is for A haven, and it is one of the most effective one-ways on Split to use when you have an Operator on you. For this setup, attach yourself to the corner of the tower entrance, and aim at the middle of the logo’s edge, as shown in the image. 

Throw the cage and move back inside towers and equip the Operator. Upon activation, you’ll get a clear peek of enemies’ lower body with Operator scoped in. This is a tricky lineup, but it’s worth the effort to contest towers with an OP. 


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