Tyler1 reaches Challenger rank using only jungle champions

Olivia Richman • May 28, 21:00

League of Legends streamer Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp is well known for his skills on Draven. But recently, Tyler1 reached Challenger in solo queue playing only in the jungle. 

Even though Tyler1 was once an AD carry player, he recently set off on a quest to reach Challenger while playing only jungle champions. The popular and often controversial streamer had a 52% win rate overall, with 947 wins and 864 losses. 

There were a few notable jungle mains who predicted that Tyler1 wouldn’t even make it to the Masters tier as a jungler. But the 25-year-old has since blown his viewers away with his Olaf play. With that champion in particular, Tyler1 has a 57% win rate in the 450 games he played. He also used Karthus, Lee Sin, and Jarvan IV. He finally reached Challenger by winning nine of his last 11 games using Ivern, a champion he has a 54% win rate with. 

Tyler1’s journey to Challenger

Tyler1 started his journey from unranked to Challenger playing only jungle at the end of January. He claimed it was to “prove a point that jungle is OP and an easy role” to play. 

And at first it did seem that way for Tyler1. He celebrated his first baron steal as a jungler early on. 

“I did it! Yes! Yes! A first stolen baron! Yes!” Tyler1 exclaimed. “I’m so happy!”

He then responded to himself, “Look at him. You did that!” 

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing for Tyler1. During one unfortunate game, Tyler1 had a Teemo running Smite and leashing his Blue Sentinel. He became worried that the Yordle would intentionally steal the buff. Instead, it was Teemo’s poison that did it. 

When that happened, Tyler1 abruptly got up from his desk and walked out of the room, showing that the famously reformed streamer still has some toxicity left in him.

Tyler1 jumped on a call with streamer Julian “Tarzaned” Farokhian after reaching Challenger. He initially admitted that he “wasn’t that excited,” but when he learned that Tarzaned was live streaming, he began to scream excitedly about his accomplishment. 

“I did it! What’s up, yo? What’s up T-Dog? I’m the greatest of all time!” Tyler1 yelled. “I shit on you, by the way. You are garbage man, no offense. That’s why I can’t take any of your coaching advice seriously anymore.” 


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