Two TFT comps you should play before the mid-set update

By Melany Moncada


May 29, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Teamfight Tactics patch 10.11 is the final update before the Galaxies mid-set update, a major content update available on June 9. Patch 10.11 is also the final chance to grind before the rank reset on June 8.

TFT: Galaxies has accomplished a healthy state where almost every composition is viable. As a result, players feel free to explore different strategies instead of forcing the same compositions over and over. With only two weeks to go before the rank reset, it’s a good time to go for a final push. Once the rank reset goes through, players that placed Gold or higher will receive exclusive rewards.

For those that want to go for that final grind, here are two comps that will help you place near the top of every lobby.


Void units are leaving the game after the mid-set update, so this is the last chance to play these units. This is a composition easy to execute properly. Brawlers are a solid front line for Kha’Zix, who’s the composition’s main carry. In patch 10.11, Kha’Zix received a significant nerf at three stars when it lost 100 points of its spell damage. Despite that nerf, Kha’Zix is still a strong carry once it starts dealing true damage.

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Void units are the stars of this composition. Cho’Gath is one of the priorities because of the crowd control it provides. Vel’Koz is that second carry that can shred through the enemies once it gets the right items. It’s necessary to get all four Brawlers to make Cho’Gath stronger.

The second priority is Twisted Fate because he grants Chrono and Sorcerer, meaning additional attack speed and spell power for all allies.


All items should go to the Void units in this composition. The greatest priorities are Seraph’s Embrace and Quicksilver for Vel’Koz. It allows Vel’Koz to use its spell multiple times in the game and keeps it safe from early crowd control abilities. Kha’Zix is the first carry available and he needs to deal as much damage as possible and stay alive for long as can be managed. The best items for Kha’Zix are Guardian Angel and Infinity Edge.

Cho’Gath is another unit that needs to survive for a long time, so it’s best to equip it with a Guardian Angel.


Brawlers stand in the front and Blasters shoot from the back in this simple composition.

Blitzcrank is one of the key components when playing Brawlers. Blitzcrank grants access to the backline and players can grab the hyper carries and bring them up front so they can’t do their job safely from the back line. Because Blitzcrank had the ability to 1v1 any carry, patch 10.11 reduced his spell power at every point in the game.

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All Brawlers are necessary to make this composition work. Out of the five Blasters available, the best options for this team are Graves, Ezreal, Jinx, and Miss Fortune. Patch 10.11 buffed three-star Lucian and nerfed Graves early, so it might be a good idea to better prioritize Lucian and to replace Graves with Miss Fortune late.


Damage items are a priority for this composition. The goal is to take down enemies before they have a chance to push through the front line. Blasters are squishy units and have no CC, so the harder they hit and the longer they’re able to hit for, the better. Giant Slayer, Last Whisper, and Red Buff are great options that can go on Ezreal or Jinx, depending on who the bigger carry is. Any defensive item should go to Cho’Gath, who brings the most utility to the composition.


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