Twitch streamers to follow in 2022

By William Davis


Jan 13, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Twitch allows content creators to stream live and connect with their audience. However, it can be challenging to find someone new to watch. Below is a list of streamers to look out for in 2022.

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Brianna runs the Briikachu Twitch channel. She mostly plays League of Legends, where she usually plays as Syndra, but you’ll also find her playing other games like Among Us. She’s known for interacting with her viewers and loves playing games with them. Brianna includes some food talk in her stream and is often drinking Boba. You’ll also see her beloved cat, Oreo, appear on the screen. Subscribers can even spend channel points for some adorable Oreo Cam time.


Comehaveabagel started streaming on Twitch a little over a year ago. His channel, The Bagel Shack, is silly, cheerful, and inviting to players of any level. The main focus of his videos is usually RPG’s and deck building games, and he is a 13-year World of Warcraft veteran. He raids with his WoW guild and plays other RPGs like Deep Rock Galactic and Final Fantasy XIV. Comehaveabagel also runs a Dungeons and Dragons group on the third Saturday of every month.

BW Paco

BWpaco started streaming on YouTube and has recently moved to Twitch as well. He affectionately refers to his channel as the Paco Taco Stand and enjoys engaging with his viewers and giving them taco-related nicknames. He primarily plays Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games like League of Legends. Sometimes you’ll find him playing First Person Shooter (FPS) games like Splitgate. Being a variety streamer, he also plays games like Smite and Apex Legends on stream.

A Bouncy Ferret

A Bouncy Ferret is a variety streamer known for her foul mouth. You’ll mostly find her playing Greedfal, Hunt: Showdown or Hitman 2, but she also plays games with her fans. She hosts community game nights where viewers can play DayZ, Halo, or Split Gate with her. A Bouncy Ferret is a mother of two boys and often streams with her partner, who also has his own channel as The Young Beef.

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SeaSalt Flavour

SeaSalt Flavour is new to Twitch and plans to expand to other platforms. She is a variety streamer, but a lot of her content includes her playing horror games. She has labeled herself a True Coward, and fans enjoy watching her relatable reactions to scary situations. This streamer does sometimes struggle to keep up a regular streaming schedule. This is because she is often fatigued or dealing with other health issues brought on by a rare genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlos syndrome. Despite struggles with her health, SeaSalt Flavour offers an upbeat environment where her viewers can have fun.

Most of the time, the most popular streamers are shown when you search for keywords, and you might miss out on the lesser-known creators. We hope you find someone on this list that you enjoy.


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