Twitch streamer Shroud wants shotgun Judge deleted from Valorant

Fariha Bhatti • May 10, 19:49

Judge may be one of the deadliest weapons in Valorant but Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek isn’t a fan. 

Valorant has an extensive arsenal loaded with weapons that have a steep learning curve. Tapping with Vandal and spraying with Phantom requires tons of practice and warm-up, which is also the essence of any shooter game. Every weapon has a unique pattern that players must master before entering the battlefield, but some guns are overpowered by default. 

With Judge, players get a chance to shut down enemies with one shot without going into much trouble. Each shot has 12 bullets, but only nine are required to finish off a healthy armored enemy. There’s no fuss regarding the accuracy or positioning. Just stay in the correct range, and you got yourself an easy kill. 

For all these reasons, genuine FPS players like to steer clear of the annoying weapon. Popular Twitch streamer Shroud also lost his cool when a Judge player one-shot him in the air during a game on Bind. 

Shroud talks deleting Judge from Valorant on stream

The former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional player had just cleared out point B with his teammate. After carefully setting the Spike, Shroud started scouting the site to hold a safe post-plant angle until a Reyna flew out of nowhere and shot him down with Judge. The player was surprised and furious because he barely got a chance to react. 

After the ridiculous one-tap, Shroud called out the developer to just delete the weapon from Valorant. 

“Fucking Judges. Delete them from the game. Literally, Riot, click the button, delete. That’s it. Just get rid of them. It’s that simple,” he yelled. 

Shroud is known for his insane skills in FPS games and calm demeanor. The former pro player rarely ever rages on live stream, so his explosive reaction to Judge was quite surprising for the fans. It was probably not the first time Shroud was caught off guard by a flying Judge, which is why he lost his composure on the live broadcast. 

His reaction is relatable for the fans and Valorant players who spend hours in range to master their aim only to get shot down in the air. Many times, players end up losing their expensive weapons to the enemy’s Judge-only eco rounds, which can be pretty annoying in ranked games. 

The Judge is the most expensive shotgun in the game at 1600 credits but is still relatively cheap compared to other powerful guns. The shotgun landed on the developer’s nerf radar in Patch 1.07 and received a boost in its price tag. Despite that, players still pick it over other guns in Valorant. 


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