Twitch streamer Lando Norris takes Italian F1 Grand Prix podium

By Christian Vejvad


Apr 19, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

It was a good day for Formula 1 racer and Twitch streamer Lando Norris, as he came in third at the Italian Grand Prix in Emilia Romagna this weekend. 

The 21-year-old British driver has been a rising F1 star since his debut in 2019 and is now starting to drive among the absolute best in the sport. This is Norris’ second podium placement in his F1 career, the first one having come during the 2020 season. Norris isn’t just known for driving fast in the Formula 1 circuit, as he also became a big streamer on Twitch during the past year. 

Going into the weekend’s race, Norris was expected to do well but was not exactly a favorite to make the podium in this season’s second grand prix event. With strong drivers such as Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, and Valtteri Bottas, it’s tough to get onto that podium. After finishing fourth in the first grand prix of the year, there was hope for the young McLaren driver, and he ultimately lived up to it. 

Max Verstappen was the driver to run away with the trophy, while Norris kept himself in a solid spot in the total standings. With 27 points gathered during the first two races of the year, Norris will move into third place overall. With such a great start to the season, it seems that this year could be his big breakthrough. 

Besides his racing, Lando Norris currently has over 800,000 followers on Twitch and streams everything from Sim Racing to IRL golf streams. The young driver has been great at branding himself through the media during the past year and was one of the first to bring sim racing to Twitch as real-life races were canceled.

It’s also the first time that fans can interact with an F1 driver at such a personal level. Twitch is known for bringing communities together and Norris has already created a strong one. Joining him on Twitch is young French driver Charles Leclerc, who has also become a big name on Twitch with over 600,000 followers. 

With the F1 season back at full steam, there will likely be less of Lando Norris on Twitch even though the young Brit will still create more content for his viewers. 

Lando Norris

What is Lando Norris’ salary?

Formula 1 drivers are known to make a lot of money, and Lando Norris is no exception. Despite his young age, Norris was listed with a salary of $2,400,000 during the 2020 season. Besides that, Norris has income from his Twitch stream and likely from various sponsor deals. 

Who is the youngest F1 driver? 

The youngest Formula 1 driver to start a race was Max Verstappen who debuted at an age of 17. In second is Lance Stroll, and Lando Norris was the third youngest at just 19 years old and 124 days. The current state of F1 is full of young drivers who likely won’t be the last to debut at such young ages.  


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