Twitch streamer gets a Pokimane tattoo for a $75 donation

By Olivia Richman


Mar 5, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

This is cursed. 

A small Twitch streamer known as Clint1717 got a tattoo of popular content creator Imane “Pokimane” Anys after a strange and perhaps unfortunate stream went wild. 

Clint1717, who had 25,000 followers as of his last stream, had a creative way of collecting donations in the Just Chatting section. If a viewer paid $75, Clint1717 would spin a wheel that had three options: Nothing, absolutely nothing, and get a tattoo. The streamer was sitting in a bathtub drinking an energy drink when the wheel landed on “tattoo.” 

“It is what it is,” Clint1717 said. “The gods have giveth.” 

Clint1717 then revealed that the wheel has already landed on “tattoo” in past chats. Thanks to viewer’s $75 donations, Clint1717 has a back full of tattoos, none of which are particularly small. They all look like poorly scribbled names. 

This time, Clint1717 said he’d get Pokimane’s name on his back. His girlfriend seemed offended when Clint1717 said that he “loved” the popular streamer, but she still took out a tattoo gun to make the Pokimane tattoo permanent on his lower back. 

Getting a permanent tattoo of a female streamer on your back isn’t for everyone, but it seems like Clint1717 has been able to make a good amount of money off of this strange Twitch game. 

Pokimane has yet to comment on getting her name tattooed on a fan’s lower back. 

Is Pokimane single? 

Pokimane was caught in a lot of drama last year when it was revealed that she possibly had a boyfriend that she had purposefully kept secret from her fans. But so far there’s been no confirmation that Pokimane has a significant other. 

Is Pokimane a millionaire? 

The popular streamer’s net worth is said to be between $1 and $2 million thanks to her successful content creation work on both YouTube and Twitch. Pokimane recently capped her donations at $5, a reflection of her stable finances