Twitch starts 2021 with two straight days of connection issues

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Twitch brought in the new year with two straight days of connection issues, resulting in tons of complaints from both streamers and viewers.

Users of the platform have had many complaints within the last month to Twitch after a variety of issues connecting to the platform. In the last month, the site has had five different days with issues. While all of the issues were fixed the same day they appeared, Twitch users are becoming impatient with the continuous problems. 

There was a range of issues that Twitch has had to fix in the last month, including Twitch failing to load correctly, issues submitting cases to the help portal, chat connection issues, and the inability to use certain functions on the platform, such as going live, hosting, or raiding. 

To Twitch’s credit, the large majority of issues the site reports having are fixed on the same day, but users are starting to grow wary of the constant downtime and issues that plauge the site on an increasing basis. 

Twitch offered streamers a wide variety of tools to stream their New Years parties on the site this year, but then the platform fell flat on its face the next two days. Users had issues going live, viewers couldn’t connect to chat, and raids sometimes didn’t come through the way they were supposed to. 

With Twitch failing in some capacity multiple times in one week, users are starting to complain about the frequency of the outages. A user on Twitter by the name of ImMagnetz shared their frustration with the disruptions.

“This happening once is whatever, it happens. Twice in one week we can even put down to rotten luck. But this has been happening off and on all week. People are trying to make a living here. C’mon now,” they said.

Another user commented that Amazon, Twitch’s parent company, should have pockets deep enough to ensure server issues are rare. 

Twitch has not started 2021 off on a good note but users of the platform are hopeful that, after the numerous issues, Twitch has taken steps to reduce them going forward.


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