Turn Yanfei into a damage monster with this DPS build

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The right Yanfei build can bring the four-star pyro character on par with most five-star DPS options.

Ever since her release in update 1.6, Yanfei has quickly become a popular choice for Genshin Impact players on a budget. Her four-star rarity makes her easy to access and her pyro catalyst combination pairs well with the main DPS role. Innovative players have found a useful support build, but there’s no denying her offensive potential. If you rolled a ton of Yanfei constellations from the Ganyu and Zhongli banners and plan to start building her up, these are the best artifacts to farm and weapons to acquire.

The best artifact build for Yanfei

The ideal artifact set of Yanfei is four pieces of Crimson Witch of Flames. The set is perfect for almost any on-field pyro character. For exact stats, look for attack percentage on the timepiece, pyro damage on the cup, and crit rate for the hat.

The two-piece bonus boosts pyro damage by a simple 15%. The four-piece bonus is a little more complicated. It increases overloaded and burning effect damage by 40%, and vaporize and melt by 15%. Every time the character uses an elemental skill, the 15% two-piece bonus increases by 50%. The stacks lasts for 10 seconds and can multiply up to three times. Since Signed Edict has a nine-second cooldown, it’s difficult to get multiple stacks up at the same time. 

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Still, the inherent pyro damage boost is definitely worth it. The 15% bonus takes Yanfei’s inherent pyro damage boost and Scarlet Seals buff into account. All of those bonuses combined make Yanfei one of the best main DPS characters in Genshin Impact, and arguably the very best four-star option overall.

The best weapons for Yanfei

If you plan to run Yanfei as a main DPS, the best weapon to complement her build is Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds. The five-star catalyst boasts 608 base attack and an inherent 33.1% crit rate. Yanfei’s second talent Blazing Eye provides another DPS source when charged attacks crit, so having a high crit rate is very important for Yanfei. Lost Prayer is only available from the standard and limited character banner.

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If Lost Prayer isn’t an option, the best budget weapons for Yanfei are Solar Pearl, Dodoco Tales, and The Widsith. Solar Pearl from the battle pass offers inherent crit rate and boosts the damage of elemental skills. Klee’s signature Dodoco Tales, which was available from the Midsummer Island event, increases charge and normal attacks when used together. It also provides a chunky 55.1% attack boost. 

Lastly, The Widsith is a great four-star weapon from the gacha banner. It boosts crit damage and provides a massive, boost that is randomly selected whenever she enters the field. Attack damage, elemental damage, and elemental mastery are all great stats, so go for The Widsith if you have no better options.