TSM’s Swordart becomes top-ranked LoL player on NA Server

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Hu “SwordArt” Shuo-Chieh, the most expensive player in the LCS and the support for TSM, has reached rank No. 1 in the North American server. The player climbed the ladder on his side account with the handle Swordart77777.

On this account, Swordart has an impressive win rate on Maokai and Alistar of over 80%. The Taiwainese player also has a win rate over 60% for signature heroes such as Pantheon, Leona, and Thresh. These picks hint at some significant carry performances from Swordart, as most of those champions are aggressive and require a proactive approach to the game.

According to OP.gg, his most-played champions are Maokai and Pantheon. His average game length hovers around 25 minutes.

Overall, the account has nine different champions played, all in the support role, and has over 800 LP in Challenger rank at the time of writing.

Fans rally around TSM support SwordArt

Swordart’s welcome to the North American region was met with mixed responses. Some were excited for another World finalist to join the LCS, and others were skeptical over his age and the high price tag of his contract.

The divide stemmed from whether fans thought the former Suning support was set to help one of LoL’s most popular brands back to its former glory, or if he was looking to rest on his laurels while collecting an easy paycheck.

SwordArt’s strong performance outside of pro play and TSM’s recent results in the LCS Lock In tournament suggest he’s still got a lot of life left in him. While Swordart may have had his critics, winning two out of his first three matches with TSM and reaching such a high rank so quickly should silence most of the doubt that surrounded him.


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