TSM goes deeper on streaming, signs Twitch streamer Pokelawls

By Olivia Richman


Sep 8, 2020

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TSM is building up its content creation team with one of the most popular personalities on Twitch. 

The esports organization announced that Pokelawls is joining as a streamer. On Twitter, TSM called the new signing a “dub,” most likely atrributable to Pokelawls ever-growing popularity as a streamer. He has over 678,000 followers on Twitch, where he streams Overwatch as well as Just Chatting, VR, and IRL categories. On YouTube, he has over 250,000 subscribers. 

Pokelawls began streaming full-time in 2013. Since then, his humorous streams have continued to win him new followers. The “Man Among Frogs” keeps his personal life a secret, but his fans sometimes catch glimpses of his mom and girlfriend. They also know him for his love of marijuana. Once, he even met Overwatch developer Jeff Kaplan. 

Pokelawls signed to TSM

TSM also shared the news on YouTube, clearly excited about the new signing. In its description of the signing, TSM called him “the Man among Frogs, Creator of Bogg, and the eternal VRChat Adventurer.” The video, posted earlier today, starts with Pokelawls doing a typical stream with his chat. Suddenly he was thrown into the world of Overwatch, becoming Genji. As Genji, Pokelawls runs off and finds himself in Grand Theft Auto, another game he often streams. 

By the end of the video, Pokelawls has a TSM jersey on. 

Pokelawls has appeared just as excited as TSM over the announcement. According to his tweet on the signing, Pokelawls told fans that he was getting a Visa and moving back to the United States, specifically to Austin, Texas. On Instagram, Pokelawls called the signing a “career progression.” 

So far, it’s not clear exactly what Pokelawls will be doing as a content creator for TSM. 

The Canadian Twitch entertainer is one of many major content creator signings for TSM. Recently, the esports organization signed chess grand master Hikaru Nakamura


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