TSM disappoints in 2020 LCS Spring debut against Immortals

By Melany Moncada


Jan 27, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Team SoloMid made its 2020 LCS Spring debut with a loss, as the team was taken down by Immortals.

The clash between Immortals and TSM was an intense game that went over the 60-minute mark. Immortals was coming off a defeat on Saturday against FlyQuest. Immortals jumped into the Rift with a chip on its shoulder and something to prove to those that underestimated them.

The community had high expectations for the new TSM roster. For the first time in years, the team looked like it had a real chance of returning to the top of the LCS.

TSM vs. Immortals, a marathon not a sprint

New TSM jungler Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett started the game by applying pressure in every lane. By the time he reached level three, he had already visited the mid and top lanes, forcing the enemies to burn their flashes. TSM kept its proactive and aggressive plan for the entirety of the game, a refreshing change of pace after the team’s tentative 2019.

TSM proved to be well-organized when it came to setting up plays. Every player on the team was on the same page and they followed each other with enough confidence to win the early skirmishes.

The idea behind Immortals’ draft was to find as many picks as they could in the small corners of the map. Because the team couldn’t set up enough vision, Immortals had to settle into playing at TSM’s speed. It resulted in an extended game of cat and mouse around the baron buff, that would end up being the most contested objective on the map.

TSM had the right idea and was more than willing to fight. Unfortunately for them, Immortals was good at disengaging. Every time TSM wanted to start a fight, Immortals split into three groups. The jungler and support were left to fend for themselves while the main carries ran for the hills.

Well into the game, TSM decided to take a page out of Immortals’ book and attempt to split the attention of the team. Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg went for a side push through the bottom lane and made it as far as the first nexus turret. It was a strong play, but it came too late.

Immortals, knowing they had a small edge over TSM, pushed for objectives to keep their foes uncomfortable. The team didn’t commit more resources than necessary. The players on Immortals understood that Bjergsen’s side push also meant that TSM was missing one player in team fights.

Immortals was relentless on its push but also played it safe. The team didn’t try to force things but instead forced TSM to try to cover multiple fronts at once. In the end, TSM was spread too thin and couldn’t stop Immortals as they took the nexus.

TSM will play its second game of week one in the first edition of Monday League Night against Team Liquid. TSM faces an uphill battle, as .