Try this Cypher one-way on Icebox to score easy kills

Fariha Bhatti • July 16, 2021 11:36 pm

Sneaky intel gatherer Cypher is often sidelined on maps like Icebox, but these new smoke lineups prove that his kit is viable on all locations when used correctly. 

Icebox is a small map with tight choke points, which is why fast past agents that deal in damage shine on this unique map. Theoretically, controllers and their smokes are of little value as Icebox doesn’t have many wide openings to cover. However, a player named BreadedLemon has found a great Cypher lineup that proves smokes can serve different purposes. 

One-way smokes are a great way to lead enemies into your crosshair. By creating false angles, players can deceive opponents and get easy kills on them. These smokes work wonders for players who don’t have the sharpest aim but excel in other skill areas. A similar one-way find has been making the rounds, and it can yield kills on Icebox’s B site. Here’s how you can do it in the game. 

Stand at the corner of the Radianite box on the B site and jump through the first cage while keeping your crosshair at the antenna. The device will fall at the edge of the Yellow container.

For the second lineup, move to the back of Yellow and align your aim with the container’s corner. Place your crosshair at the pattern on green boxes and throw the cage. This device will get stuck on a gray box, as shown in the video. 

Move to safety towards Defender’s spawn and scope in your Operator to view under both the cages. Activate the devices when you have intel from your teammate watching the middle area to ensure that the smokes don’t get wasted. The smokes will block enemy vision while still giving you the chance to spray them down. This is a great angle to slow down pushes and load up your scoreboard with clever kills. 

This tactic works best in team settings when your squad wants a greater presence at point A. The team could place an Operator at point B solo. With the help of a dual fake-smoke setup, a Cypher main can quickly gather intel, call for backup, and get a bonus kill or two while the team rotates from A. 

Which agent is best on Icebox?

On a small map like Icebox, try to lean more towards agents that deal damage like Kay/O and Raze. Jett is also a great pick as she can propel up to unusual angles to get first blood. 


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