True Damage Little Legends arrive in Teamfight Tactics

By Marta Juras


Nov 10, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Little Legends series five has arrived in League of Legends.

Teamfight Tactics’ three new little legends are based on the recently debuted virtual band True Damage. The new additions are named Ossia, QiQi and Melisma, and they resemble the True Damage versions of Akali, Qiyana, and Senna, respectively.

Riot Games announced the upcoming little legends series through a video trailer that is a cuter, clumsier version of the one released to reveal the True Damage line of skins. Even the title of the trailer is an homage to the True Damage trailer, with the original being named “Breakout” while the little legends version is named “Outbreak”.

Little Legends series 5 is a cute version of True Damage band

Ossia, the little legend dressed as Akali is a cow-looking creature. As she levels up, her horns and hair grow longer, with her final form rocking Akali’s hairstyle. Ossia is available in multiple colors as well, with the variants named Beatmaker, Pop Queen, Prodigy, Pumped Up, and Soloist Ossia.

As her name implies, QiQi is the little legend that resembles Qiyana. QiQi has the appearance of a colorful chinchilla, but seems to have the same mannerisms as the True Damage version of Qiyana. As with Ossia, QiQi’s appearance becomes more similar to Qiyana as she levels up. Her variants include Bass Queen, Beatmaker, Hardhitter, Prodigy, and Soloist QiQi.

Last but not the least is Melissima. Melissima is a different take on League’s newest champion, Senna. Although she doesn’t resemble a specific animal, the little legend is nonetheless cute, sporting a hoodie and headset. Originally purple, Melissima’s versions also include Beatmaker, Hardhitter, Pop Queen, Prodigy, and Shadow Beat Melissima.

Ossia, QiQi, and Melissima are currently available for purchase in League of Legends.


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