Top tips for esports betting in 2021

By William Davis


Nov 18, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Esports has been around for a while now and online bookmakers give fans a chance to bet on all the most popular events from the comfort of their homes. While many fans enjoy betting on esports, the real question is, do they really know how?

Aside from the obvious, such as claiming a Casimba bonus code before starting, what other useful strategies and tips are there to come out on top when betting? Here are a few good tips to use when betting on an esports match. 

Bet on games you know best

There are a lot of esports to bet on these days and it’s impossible to keep a close eye on all of them. Betting on unfamiliar esports is not a good idea, as there’s little context surrounding the matchup beyond the betting lines. 

Instead, it’s highly recommended to only bet on familiar games. Knowing how the game plays, the teams competing in esports events, and the event formats is very helpful when it comes to making an actual profit. 

Explore the betting markets

Betting on the winner of an esports match is certainly the most popular way to bet on esports, but it is definitely not the only one. Bookies offer plenty of side bets and special prop betting markets, and it’s worth looking into them. 

For example, you can bet on which team will be the first to reach a certain number of kills in a game like Dota 2, and this is not always the team that’s surely going to win the match. Considering all the betting markets available offers the best chance of finding the winning bets in many matches. 

To be successful at esports betting, it’s important to make use of side markets. This offers the potential to turn a profit even in a match that has a prohibitive favorite, something that’s very common in esports. This is also a big part of the reason that being familiar with the actual games is important, since many of them revolve around specific in-game mechanics.

Stick to your bankroll

One of the most important things when it comes to betting on anything, including esports, is to have an established, defined bankroll to do it. Without a proper bankroll, you can end up either wasting money or not spending enough to make any kind of actual profit. 

Make sure to maintain a bankroll that’s sufficient for the kind of bets you plan to make and as always, don’t start betting to recoup previous losses. Stick with a strategy, don’t bet if it’s no longer just for fun, and the rest will follow. 


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