Top-ranked Vanguard player Plehxify caught cheating on stream

By Steven Rondina


Apr 12, 2022

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Plehxify is one of the top-ranked Call of Duty: Vanguard players in the world, and he has been forced to admit to using cheats in the game after being caught cheating during a live stream.

The Vanguard player ranked second overall was caught red-handed using cheats during a live stream on Twitch. While broadcasting on Twitch, Plehxify’s game was seen stuttering. This was followed by red frames appearing on his overlay, showing the positions of his in-game enemies.

The performance hiccups revealed apparent wall hacking by Plehxify. Wall hacking is when an external program shows a player the locations of enemies or objects that they shouldn’t be able to see. In this case, Plehxify was able to his enemies’ locations through walls. Wall hacking gives cheaters an enormous tactical advantage by protecting them from ambushes and giving them additional information about opponents’ strategies. It’s a common form of cheating in almost every multiplayer first-person shooter, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Apex Legends, and Valorant.

The technical slip-up on Twitch incontrovertibly showed that Plehxify was cheating during the game. The player seemingly knew that there was no reasonable way to deny this and acknowledged as much in an apology.

Plehxify admits to using hacks in CoD: Vanguard

Plehxify acknowledged cheating in a post on Twitter and admitted to using wall hacks. He did offer up some defense, saying that he only recently started cheating and that was only doing so for camos.

“I’m sorry for disappointing the community but I have to start by saying I made a mistake last night on stream, yes those were blatant boxes and I did get caught but as dumb as the excuse sounds I was honestly started getting the hacks for camos,” Plehxify said.

Plehxify alleged that he had only started hacking recently and that he had actually risen to second place on the ranked leaderboards through legitimate play. He followed up by tweeting out what appear to be receipts from the site he purchased the cheating programs from that were dated April 8, 2022. Despite the receipt, fans were dubious of Plehxify’s claims of past legitimacy.

The streamer left it open to interpretation regarding what comes next. He suggested that he may continue streaming Call of Duty, but that he will use a separate camera in addition to his existing setup to show that he isn’t cheating.


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