Top Esports retains Worlds 2020 favorite status by smashing FlyQuest

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Tournament favorite Top Esports made its debut at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship with a dominant performance against FlyQuest. 

The Worlds 2020 main event has officially begun, starting with tournament favorites Top Esports against a relative underdog. Though some questioned Top Esports’ legitimacy as the favorites at the event after the shaky performance of LPL cohort LGD Gaming in the play-in stage, the team lived up to expectations here. 

The talented LPL champions are the clear tournament favorites, with star players in every single position. All five players’ individual skills were on display right from the get-go, which was something that the LCS second seed FlyQuest could not keep up with at all. 

Top Esports dominated the map right from the start of the game, with top laner Bai “369” Jia-Hao dominating lane against Colin “Solo” Earnest. Since Top Esports is a world-class team, and they were able to snowball their lead through all lanes and even get the Ocean Soul after just 23 minutes. The Chinese overlords are already looking scary, while FlyQuest is looking like it will struggle in the group as expected. 

Knight leads Top Esports’ Worlds 2020 charge

All fans and experts expected Top Esports to be the better team in its first match at Worlds 2020. The LPL favorites are here to play and it doesn’t look like they will go easy on any opponent. 

369 and jungler Hung “Karsa” Hao-Hsuan were the clear MVP duo of the game, already proving that Top Esports doesn’t have to play through Zhuo “Knight” Ding in the mid lane. While the top lane was dominating, Knight slowly started to build a lead on Akali. Knight has long been labeled as the best player to never make Worlds, but now he is finally on an international stage looking to prove himself as the best player in the world. 

Top Esports also showcased that their coordination is great, but it wasn’t what won them their first game at Worlds 2020. The raw skill of all players and the ability to dominate individually was the key factor in their victory, and that should have other teams shaking.

LCS’s FlyQuest did not stand a chance against Top Esports

FlyQuest found itself in a really tough group at Worlds 2020, which automatically made fans wonder if the LCS second seed can make it out of groups this year. It’s the first time that FlyQuest is at Worlds and the minimal expectations are likely a hit to the ego. 

While it’s not possible to draw any conclusions from just one game, it was clear how the individual level of FlyQuest is not up to par with the best teams in the world. Solo especially struggles in the top lane, while Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage barely held on in the mid lane. 

FlyQuest will have to find some creative ways to get wins if they want to be a real threat in this group. It would require some innovative picks and maybe some cheesy strategies in the early game. If that doesn’t work out, FlyQuest could quickly find itself eliminated from the tournament. 

Both Top Esports and FlyQuest won’t play their next game until October 5.