Top 5 ways to block esports gambling sites

By William Davis


Jan 27, 2022

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For most people, online gambling is a perfectly acceptable form of adult entertainment. As long as an adult has the capacity to gamble responsibly, it’s a fun and possibly rewarding hobby. 

But what is responsible gaming? 

In the minds of most gambling experts, responsible gambling has two key elements. First, the gambler is able to restrict their gambling activities to discretionary money without interfering with bill-paying responsibilities and taking care of a family. Second, the gambler’s gambling doesn’t interfere with other aspects of their life like going to school, handling work responsibilities, and maintaining relationships. All is fair as long as the gambler remains in control.

But what happens when things go bad? 

Some people are vulnerable to gambling addiction. Their inability to control their desire to gamble progressively can cause various personal problems. When faced with gambling addiction, the problem gambler needs to do two things. First, they need to use whatever resources are available to block them from having access to online gambling sites. Second, a little counseling could be very useful.

Five ways to block access to online esports gambling sites

Since the counseling suggestion speaks for itself, it’s worth focusing on what resources are available to block gamblers’ access to esports online gambling sites in the UK. Here are five options worthy of consideration:

  • Gamban
  • GamStop
  • GamBlock
  • Net Nanny
  • Cyber Patrol


Gamban is a software solution. For a one-time licensing fee, gamblers can download the software on all of the devices that they use for their online esports gambling activities. Once the software has been downloaded and employed, it will block access to any website that offers gambling content. That includes esports betting sites and sites that offer handicapping information.

The problem with this option is that it is device-specific. Nothing prevents the Gamban user from simply using other devices that don’t have the software for their esports gambling activities.


GamStop is a self-exclusion scheme that was introduced by the UK Gambling Commission. The regulatory body requires all licensed UK gambling operators to subscribe to the program for a fee. Once a site becomes a GamStop member, their customers can register with the program, effectively telling UK licensed gambling providers to block them from having access to UK online gambling sites. The gambler sets their own exclusion period, which remains in effect until expiration. 

The program works well at keeping registered gamblers away from licensed members. That doesn’t prevent motivated gamblers from seeking other online alternatives should they have a change of heart about self-exclusion. A favorite way for gamblers to beat the GamStop scheme is to simply use different non-GamStop online casinos accepting Brits

Of all the options for blocking esports online gamblers, GamStop is the best because it’s free and easily available through any member UK gambling website.


GamBlock is another software solution that is very similar to Gamban. For a licensing fee, consumers can download and initiate the software, which will immediately serve to block the device’s access to gambling content. The software is especially effective at blocking mobile gambling sites, which is a major benefit when online gambling access is growing exponentially throughout the world. 

Again, the software is device-specific, which doesn’t prevent gamblers from using other devices.

Net Nanny

While Net Nanny is yet another software solution, it comes with a twist. The software is controlled by a third party, who can only access the controls with a sign-on and password. 

This is a very good content-blocking solution for any online esports gambler who doesn’t trust themselves to stay away. It works after download by the third-party deciding what content they want to block. While blocking all gambling sites is a popular function, the program can also be used to block other questionable content.

Cyber Patrol

Cyber Patrol functions in the same way as Net Nanny. There is also a feature that allows the third party to set time limits on a user having access to particular sites. That works well for parents who want to limit the activities of their children.


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