This Viper molotov lineup helps protect the spike on Icebox

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 20, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Viper’s toolkit shines on all types of maps, whether confined or open. On Icebox, however, the controller’s abilities are a force to reckoned with. 

Riot Games’ latest addition to the Valorant map pool can be tricky to play on. Icebox’s choke points and small bomb sites heavily favor the defenders. Squeezing inside the tight alleys and entryways is an arduous task without a controller or initiator on one’s team. The defenders can easily block out the detours with Sage walls or molotovs, making the entire map a lion’s den.   

Opening B-site is easy by comparison, but protecting the Spike can be challenging. A Brimstone or Sova ultimate can make a huge difference for attackers but retakes are very likely on Icebox without them. Though these molotov lineups aren’t quite on the level of an ultimate, these can help push back opponents in post-plant situations. 

Make sure your Spike is planted for default boxes on the B site. This point is not only easily defensible but is safe as well. After putting down the Spike, run towards attacker’s spawn container. 

Align yourself with the last container at B green and place your aim at the mouth of the bottle. Aim up the sky and use the ability bar as your guide. Align curtain ability’s little line with the yellow crane’s hook, as shown in the image. 

Blog post image

Once you get the lineup, shoot the chemical launcher. The poison will land right at the default Spike plant position, burning down anyone lurking around the Spike. Using two Snake Bites, the attacker Viper can easily win the round without engaging in unnecessary duels. This lineup also works wonders in one-on-one situations, where safe plays should be a priority. 

How much damage does viper molotov do?

Next to her ultimate, Snake Bite is Viper’s deadliest ability. The molotov deals enough damage to slay an enemy, at 26 damage per second for eight seconds. 

The molotov is ideal for delaying attackers’ pushes and is a wonder when combined with her smoke. Snake Bite is a versatile tool for both offensive and defensive situations, and these kinds of lineups make her a serious threat in any situation.


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