This Sova lineup is unstoppable when defending on Haven

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 7, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Winning on Haven is a grueling task without intel-gathering agents like Sova and Cypher. This simple Sova dart shows how much of a difference-maker the agent is on the map. 

Sova carries an arsenal of valuable surveillance equipment that comes in handy, particularly on large maps like Breeze, Ascent, and Haven. A team player like Sova helps to gather intel and direct the squad. While valuable on the attacker side, his kit is just as viable on defense, and this new lineup by Redditor XellosBrah shows it. 

Teams often use Sova to scout a suitable bomb point to rush into on the attacker side, but learning a few lineups can help squeeze some juice out of his kit throughout the game. This new setup for retaking Haven’s point C is simple to easy, effective, and tough to avoid for attackers. 

For this lineup, line yourself up on the plant placed in the corner of C-link. Aim up at the little pipe and align the first bar of the dart with the tube connector, as shown in the image. Activate one charge and load up to two bars to shoot the arrow. 

Blog post image

The dart will attach itself to the corner of the tallest hut on Haven point C, revealing the position of all enemies inside the area. Unlike other lineups, this covers all corners and nooks of the C-site, making it a must-learn Sova dart on Haven. The best thing about this dart is that enemies may find it hard to break it due to its awkward angle and height. 

It’s recommended to have teammates either on point B or in mid window to execute this lineup successfully. Once enemies have broken into point C and taken point, you want your Sova to be alive to reveal their post-plant setup. Attacker Sova can also benefit from this setup in a rare one-on-one situation when you have to protect the Spike. 

What are the best agents to play on Haven?

Not all agents shine on the unique triple-point map, Haven. It’s recommended to pick characters that are able to cover more area with their kit, facilitating quick rotations on the defender site. 

Here are the top three agents to pick on Haven:

  • Sova 
  • Jett
  • Killjoy


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