This Sage wall on Bind is the perfect spot to clutch out a win

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Valorant players often find ways to do pretty cool things with a hero’s ability, and this trick with Sage on Bind is no different.

 A Valorant player recently discovered a Sage wall on Bind that can be used to help hold Site A. The wall is placed on a box near the entrance to Showers. Jumping on top of the wall is fairly tricky, but there are more advantages than just having the vantage point the wall offers in that spot. 

Players can use the wall to get a bird’s-eye view of the site, shield from people coming through the showers hallway, or sheild from people accessing the site from other directions by standing in the showers hallway.

Getting on top of the wall requires some practice. If players want to learn how to jump onto strategically placed walls, there are plenty of videos out there detailing exactly this skill.

Sage’s wall is one of the best skills in the game

Sage’s wall is one of the most valuable skills in the game, especially with players who think outside the box. Her Barrier Orb can clip through the walls on the map, creating a walkway where no one thought possible. The wall can be jumped on with some practice, used as a bridge, or as a blockade. 

Players who have a ton of time on their hands have been finding a ton of cheeky spots that place them where enemies never expected to find them. Because of the abundance of places that players can place the wall, and the growing popularity of videos like these which showcase them, Sage’s wall has become a highly valuable skill, especially in the hands of a player who has practiced with her walls. 

As new maps continue to be released for Valorant, it is guaranteed that Sage players who enjoy finding the cheekiest of places on the map will forever be entertained by the challenge of finding them.


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