This player spent $4400 to buy every single Valorant skin ever

Fariha Bhatti • June 11, 17:31

Valorant is free to play but the in-game cosmetics can put a strain on your wallet. 

While many players think 10 times before spending a penny on hefty Valorant skins, ArcticSoldier went ahead and invested $4,400 to buy every single gun in Valorant. 

Riot Games is known for rolling out some of the craziest skin cosmetics in first-person shooter games. The inventive design and animations are hard to ignore, even for a casual player who’s not into skins. However, avid weapon collectors have picked up a new hobby of collecting all skins, thanks to Valorant’s unique market. Each gun costs a fortune, with the most expensive Elderflame bundle costing nearly $100. 

Valorant recently got a brand new bundle Origin that features a futuristic collection with unique inspect elements never seen before in the game. Arctic loaded up the Valorant bank account with 16000 VP that costs around $200 days before the release of the skins. 

However, ArcticSoldier loves Valorant a bit too much to care about money. The player uploaded a screenshot of his store, in which the slots for guns weren’t greyed out. The game UI turns the weapon slot into a grey color once you’re done buying and replaces it with a new skin. But, ArcticSoldier’s store didn’t showcase new skins. Instead, a “Thank you for supporting VALORANT” message popped on all boards. This implied that Riot has nothing more to offer to ArcticSoldier, who owns every single model already. 

His screenshot went viral among Valorant players who wait for Night Market to buy their favorite weapons at a cut price. When queried, ArcticSoldier revealed that he had spent around $4400 to bag all Valorant skins, and he doesn’t regret it. The player said that he doesn’t “think people understand” how much he loves Valorant and that he’d “take this risk for all of the Valorant NA community.” 

ArcticSoldier is not just a wealthy skin collector, but he’s heavily invested in the game. The Valorant player hasn’t only bought the princely weapons but has been switching them in play, which is why almost all his skins are upgraded to max level. In addition, he revealed that he has four new guns that require upgrading out of his extensive collection. 

Valorant recently got a brand new bundle “Origin” that features a futuristic collection with unique inspect element never seen before in the game. Arctic has already loaded up his Valorant bank account with 16000 VP that costs around $200 days before the release date.

Some Valorant players felt super inspired by the Arctic’s love for skins, and a few others thought it was stupid to squander money on the game. Whatever the case, dedicated fans can’t stop gushing over Arctic’s market who now owns all Valorant cosmetics, gun buddies, cards, and more you can possibly think of. 


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