This Phoenix lineup lets him clear out bomb sites on Ascent

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 30, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

When it comes to duelists, Valorant’s fiery Pheonix isn’t statistically the best. This new lineup might help change that. 

Phoenix is the least-picked duelist, with a pickrate of just 6.7%. While other duelists enjoy aggressive abilities that let players frag out, Pheonix has a balanced toolkit capable of executing plays. His seemingly plain and tedious kit requires some work to deliver its full potential.

Phoenix’s Molotov “Hot Hands” could help clear out tight corners in a map like Ascent where every angle can contain danger. For example, attackers may require some tactical utility while entering bomb point B, apart from Controllers’ smokes. Here, Pheonix’s Molotov can safely clear out at least one angle for his teammates, making a B-entry easier. 

This Hot Hands line up begins from B-lobby and lands on the B-site stairs. Start by standing atop the fish box and align your crosshair with the tile. Keep your aim in the middle of the wooden box’s side and aim upwards at the visible brick blocks, as shown in the image. 

Blog post image

The last step could be a bit tricky as there’s no exact pointer to guide the crosshair. To execute this correctly, make sure your crosshair is aligned with the window’s edge. Once you get that right, jump and throw. 

The Molotov will hit the Defender’s stairs, instantly burning the enemies within its range. The damage will either force the enemy towards the Defender’s spawn or into the bomb site, providing your teammates with enough information to obliterate them. 

How long does Phoenix’s Molotov last in Valorant?

Phoenix toolkit makes him ultra-powerful due to its ability to restore him to full HP. Both Blaze and Hot Hands allow Pheonix to make aggressive plays, as he gets multiple chances to recover lost HP in a full-buy round. While his firewall may not be as viable due to its low damage, Phoenix’s Molotov can be an absolute peril for campers locking down chokepoints. 

Available for free, his signature Hot Hands ability lasts for four seconds. However, the small-time duration is enough to fry an enemy with a fast damage rate of 60 DPS. The rechargeable Molotov’s ability to heal Pheonix is what sets the agent’s toolkit apart from other duelists. While it deals AoE damage to enemies within its range, Phoenix only becomes mightier.