This molotov lineup shows why Viper is OP on Icebox

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 29, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Icebox may not let controllers deliver to their full potential but Viper’s kit can be an exception on this cold tundra map. 

Tight choke corners, small entryways, and limited areas… Icebox has everything that makes a Controller’s kit less viable. However, Viper is proving that she’s deadly on all Valorant maps, choke points or not. A recent lineup discovered by a Redditor named Formicone will make point B permanently closed for the enemies. 

While smokers are crucial to winning a game of Valorant, they often come short on a map like Icebox, where other agents could do the same job more efficiently. Despite that, Viper has continued to see a moderate pick-rate on the tundra due to her unique toxic wall covering most of this small map. This new lineup for point B’s alley proves that the rest of her kit is just as viable. 

For this Snakebit lineup, attach yourself to the corner next to the metal door. You can either use the sky lineup to shoot the poison like the video’s creator or make your own second point using ability hud based on video settings. Once you have your crosshair at the right spot, release the launcher to block the point B push.

This setup is originally for green’s cubby, where opponents often take cover. The Snakebite will burn out all enemies hiding in the little spot, helping your teammate finish off the wounded agents. Without your teammates’ help, it may not be as rewarding since Viper’s poison slowly burns the enemy and is highly forgiving. 

While this is a handy lineup, it’s only recommended to use it if you’re rotating from point A. Going all the way back to Defender’s base to lineup the poison will only leave point B and your teammate vulnerable in front of armed enemies. 

What’s the best agent to play on Icebox?

Any agent can be great on Icebox with enough practice but some have kits made to shine in smaller locations. Consider picking Jett to hop on awkward off angles to surprise enemies. Jett’s ultimate can also be game-changing on Icebox when coupled with her dashes and Updrafts.

If you’re not a duelist player, try picking Omen. This controller can do the same things as Jett in a safer, more passive way. Killjoy is also a great option as her equipment remains active most of the time due to the small size of the Icebox. 


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