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This is the complete Starfield timeline, revealed

By Nicholas James


Aug 25, 2023

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Bethesda Softwork’s upcoming title Starfield is nearly here, and we have the full Starfield timeline of the galaxy to get you caught up on everything that’s happened ahead of your character’s adventures.

Bethesda has published a timeline of events in Starfield’s galaxy to get fans up to speed for the launch of the game on September 6. We’ve assembled it all in one place for you to catch up before stepping into the boundless realms of Starfield.

Starfield in-game timeline

  • 2050: Humans land on Mars for the first time
  • 2100: The first humans are living in outer space
  • 22nd Century
  • 2156: Humans first arrive in the Alpha Centauri system
  • 2159: The United Colonies are established
  • 2160: New Atlantic is founded on Jemison
  • 2161: New Atlantis becomes the capital of the United Colonies
  • 2167: Akila City is founded in Cheyenne
  • 2188: Volii joins Cheyenne in an alliance
  • 2189: The Freestar Collective is established
  • 2195: The Freestar Collection arms themselves to protect the planet Narion from the United Colonies
  • 2196: The UC deploys a fleet to Narion, the Freestar Collective do the same, and the Narion War begins
  • 23rd Century
  • 2216: The Treaty of Narion ends the Narion War.
  • 2221: The Freestar Rangers are established.
  • 2275: Constellation is founded with its headquarters in New Atlantic.
  • 2305: Barrett joins Constellation, the explorer’s guild of Starfield
  • 2307: The Freestar Collective arrives on Vesta
  • 2308: The UC objects to the FS’ presence on Vesta and besieges Vesta, killing all inhabitants. The Colony War begins.
  • 2310: Constellation acquires its first alien artifact
  • 2311: The Battle of Cheyenne, the UC is defeated and the Colony War ends
  • 2315: The United Colonies Vanguard is founded
  • 2319: Sarah Morgan is promoted to head of the UC’s Navigator Corps
  • 2320: The UC Navigator Corps is shut down and Sarah Morgan joins Constellation
  • 2321: Walter Shroud, co-owner of company Stroud Eklund, joins Constellation
  • 2322: Vladimiar Sall, a former Crimson Fleet members, joins Constellation
  • 2325: Sarah Morgan becomes the Chair of Constellation
  • 2326: Barrett uncovers the artifact in Constellation’s archives. Noel, a graduate student, joins Constellation
  • 2327: Same Coe and Cora Coe join Constellation
  • 2328: Andreja joins Constellation. Constellation purchases star station L-868 and turns it into a deep space scanner
  • 2330: May 7, 2330 is the day that the events of Starfield begin to unfold

That’s your quick-start guide to the Starfield timeline. Now you know all the basics you need to jump into Starfield on September 6.


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