This is the best way to build up and play a Hero in Elden Ring

By Nicholas James


Feb 28, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The Hero class is an excellent choice for players wanting to decimate foes with powerful strikes, here’s how to build the Hero in Elden Ring.

The Hero is a straightforward class in Elden Ring, relying on strength to deal massive damage to opponents with the biggest, heaviest weapons the game has to offer. The Hero sets you off on a timeless path in FromSoftware’s games, albeit without Havel’s signature Dragon Tooth club. Here’s how to build The Hero in Elden Ring.

How to build the Hero in Elden Ring

The best build for the Hero class heavily prioritizes vigor, endurance, and strength.

The Hero’s path is a pretty simple starting base for most strength builds. For those who like standing toe-to-toe with an enemy and delivering staggering blows, the Hero offers the brute strength to set up lots of Elden Ring builds. Heroes will generally want to focus on strength, with vigor being an excellent second option. The Hero doesn’t begin the game with particularly exceptional armor and players will want to prioritize increasing their ability to tank enemy hits.

The Hero’s high strength encourages players to wield some of Elden Ring’s wackiest and largest weapons including massive hammers, glaives, and greatswords. Many of these have powerful attacks have long wind-up times and can be heavily punished by enemies, so being able to survive more hits will be incredibly important for most Hero players.

The best Ashes of War for the Hero

Ashes of War that offer transform weapons into “Heavy” weapons are perfect for the Hero class.

While there are various options available to players, the Ashes of War that stand out for Hero builds in Elden Ring are the Heavy Ashes of War. Heavy Ashes of War increase a weapon’s strength scaling and decreases other scalings. This is fine for Heroes, who heavily favor strength while ignoring other stats.

The Hero has the ability to brute force powerful attacks through weaker enemies and incredible punishment against elite enemies with predictable move sets. The Hero relies on staying close to enemies and overwhelming them with attacks in moments of weakness.


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