This is how low HP Yuumi can give Soraka constant movement speed

Christian Vejvad • December 14, 17:40

An unintentional interaction between Yuumi and Soraka that gives Soraka permanent movement speed was recently discovered by a League of Legends player.

In the video made by the player, it’s clear that Soraka gains a big burst of movement speed every time Yuumi uses You And Me! (W) to attach to Soraka while Yuumi is at low HP. The low HP triggers Soraka’s passive ability, Salvation, which makes her run faster towards nearby low health allies.

Even though Yuumi is essentially nearby and with low HP, it’s not intentional that it should trigger Soraka’s passive in this way. When Yuumi attaches to an ally, she becomes untargetable and shouldn’t be affected by auras and other abilities around her, including Soraka’s passive.

The bug gives Soraka a big advantage if she plays alongside Yuumi. The bug allows the Yuumi player to reach low HP on purpose and then attach to Soraka to make her a constant ambulance even without any low-health allies near her.

While the bug is clearly game-breaking, it hadn’t been widely known until now because Soraka and Yuumi is a very unusual combo in the bot lane. The bug might motivate players to try out the combo, so it’s only a matter of time before Riot makes a fix. 

Riot has not addressed the bug yet, but does have a hotfix patch planned before the end of the year. 

Dawnbringer Soraka

Who is Yuumi best with?

Yuumi is good with most hyper-carry marksmen. The most used combo in both solo queue and professional play is Yuumi and Ezreal because the two fit together so well. Ezreal has a lot of long-range poke and the same goes for Yuumi. Ezreal is also a champion that is very safe by himself, which allows Yuumi to stick to him and make Ezreal a one-man army. Yuumi is also great with champions such as Jhin and Lucian. 

Is Yuumi a good champion?

Yuumi was considered one of the strongest supports and one of the most difficult champions to deal with after her release in May 2019. Since then, Riot has had a hard time balancing the Magical Cat, but seems to have finally found the right balance for her more recently. During the 2021 preseason patches, Yuumi has been sitting around a 50% win rate, which makes her good in certain matchups but not a high-priority pick. 

What lane is Soraka in?

Soraka is a champion for the bot lane, more specifically in the support position. Her utility makes her a classic support champion but she has been seen in solo lanes as well. Soraka has been seen in both top and mid lane over the years, but only in very specific metas and matchups. Riot generally makes adjustments to address these appearances and send her back to her intended role as a support champion.

Who counters Soraka?

Soraka can be pretty obnoxious to deal with due to her healing abilities, but she is actually easy to counter. Soraka isn’t known for having much mobility, which means that she can be countered by champions with hard engage and crowd control abilities. Support champions such as Alistar, Leona, or Blitzcrank are all able to deal with Soraka by targeting her with CC.

Teams can also counter Soraka’s healing abilities by building items that include Grievous Wounds, which inflicts a debuff onto enemies that reduces the healing they receive.


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