open Bind's TP from outside

This is how agents open bugged Bind teleporters from outside

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 31, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Bind’s teleporters are no longer a safe detour to use when flanking enemies. Recent exploits hint that teleporters are in dire need of developers’ attention as issues with them are meddling with game’s meta. 

Each map in Valorant has a distinctive feature, marking them all as unique. On Bind, Riot Games has added one-way teleporters that have lately started to open both ways. Most recently, Yoru joined the team of agents who can successfully exploit the metal doors. As if Yoru’s kit wasn’t already complicated enough, his decoy’s viability increases tenfold as he can break open the teleporter area by using Fakeout. 

Start by standing on the left corner of the teleporter. Place your crosshair a little to the left of the crack, as shown in the image. 

Blog post image

Press the ALT fire key to release the decoy. The Fakeout will slide open the door and sit in the middle until activated. This bug could be game-breaking as the doors will remain wide open for as long as the ability remains. Players can exploit this bug in a hundred ways. For example, a Yoru main could send multiple teammates inside the teleporters to cut off enemy rotations. His ability to keep the doors open for so long also prevents sound queues which allowed enemies to be alerted whenever the teleporter was used. 

Valorant agents are exploiting Bind teleporters

Yoru is not the first agent to tamper with the metal doors. Most recently, it was found that Raze could easily send her Boom Bot inside the teleporter. 

Sova and Killjoy are also added to the agent list using Recon bolt and Alarm bot, respectively, to slide open the door. While Sova’s lineup was a bit tricky to execute, Killjoy has to do nothing but place her bot near the teleporter. 

Killjoy’s alarmbot can open the teleporter from the outside from r/VALORANT

So far, Cypher, Sova, Killjoy, and Raze have been able to meddle with one-way teleporters with their kits. However, Yoru’s exploit is much deadlier as compared to the other agents. 

Teleporters are a vital part of Bind. Especially on the defenders’ side, this unique feature facilitates quick rotations and retakes. This bug heavily favors the attackers, making this map an increasing nuisance to play if you’re protecting a bomb point.

The fact that multiple agents can break open the teleporter from the outside hints that it’s likely a bug. The developer quickly fixed Cypher’s bug when it was brought to its attention, further proving the severity of this glitch. Initially, players believed that agents needed to be patched. However, recent findings and lineups are suggesting that the teleporters may need some fixing. 


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