This Cypher setup on Ascent makes wall-bang incredibly deadly

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 7, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The steep learning curve of Cypher’s complex kit may demand many solo custom sessions, but knowing the tricks is a huge benefit in high-ELO games. 

Unlike other agents, Cypher’s kit doesn’t allow players to eyeball lineups on the go. Instead, players may need to invest some time into playing on practice servers to learn the key tricks for Cypher, such as this new setup by Redditor khemyc to trap enemies. 

Ascent is the ideal map for initiators and sentinels to shine. The spacious location provides plenty of opportunities to execute complex plays and trick enemies. This Cypher wallbang lineup is an excellent example of one of the many rewarding tricks that Cypher can pull off. 

This setup requires Tripwires and a Spycam to lure enemies into the trap. For the first wire, stand close to the control button and and place it along the side of the boat. For the second wire, set it up so it creates a perpendicular angle with the first wire.

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Once this is done, it blocks enemies from entering important areas at point B. From there, attach the Spycam on top of the B entrance, so you get a clear view of enemies around the control shelter. 

The two wires will ensure that enemies get stuck into the trap as soon as they step inside point B. If they manage to escape the first trap, the second one towards the catwalk will surely concuss them. Once you get the cue, turn on your camera on and get intel on vulnerable enemies. Use the information to spam through the paper-thin walls nearby. 

Enemies will take heavy damage through the walls, making it easier for your teammates to finish off wounded players. Even if you fail to miss your wall bangs, your teammates at the defender’s spawn and the mid-market may still be able to put the setup to use by getting a pickoff on a concussed enemy. 

This setup works best in full-buy rounds when you have enough creds to spend on utility and a heavy-duty weapon like Odin or Vandal. These two guns are the best for inflicting damage with wallbangs. This setup will do a lot of work when it comes to discouraging enemies from trying to make hits on the A site.


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