These Sova drone lineups in Valorant can crack open defenses

Fariha Bhatti • December 16, 06:35

Sova is one of the most-picked agents in Valorant in both high and low ranks thanks to his ability to open up bomb sites. His kit has all the right tools to help a duelist dash into position and get opening kills. 

The initiator has his Shock Bolt, Owl Drone, Recon Bolt, and Hunter’s Fury. His abilities allow him to cause substantial damage to the enemy team and gather information, around which the team can strategize. All his skills are useful, but it’s Sova’s Owl Drone that’s the real gem. The initiator’s drone can be a game-changer when used correctly. Here are a few lineups for Sova’s Owl drone in different maps of Valorant. 

Best Sova lineups to gather first information

This lineup can be incredibly impactful in figuring out the enemy’s round strategy on Split. The lineup starts from Attacker side spawn, which allows Sova to gather information from the very beginning. The drone provides a clean vision of A tower, allowing the team to decide whether they want to duel against the enemies at A or not. 

This second setup on Split allows Sova to get a peek at all main points at A site. By placing the crosshair on the right corner of A lobby, Sova can shoot up his drone to take a look at the A tower window, A ramp, and A screens. This is ideal for when the team is planning on a fast push, and a controller wants to set up the smokes at entrances. 

The third lineup for Sova in Split is on the Attacker side spawn towards B, which provides a good view of the mid vent. The lineup starts with placing the crosshair on the newspaper scraps plastered on the wall. When the drone is moved upwards, it shows the full mid vent. This is the best way to take middle control, and eventually, map control. 

Sova can dominate Ascent, Haven with Owl Drone

This lineup on Ascent is useful for watching flanks after the spike has been planted. The drone needs to be aimed at the sole lightly tanned brick at the wall in B Lobby ramp. This angle gives a clear view of players pushing from the attackers base through A entrance. There’s enough distance between the two lobbies which will allow Sova to turn off the drone and use his own information to get kills. 

Sova’s ultimate, Hunter’s Fury, works quite well on Bind, but his owl drone can be a show-stealer. The setup starts with placing crosshair on the nook area of A short lobby. The drone goes up the wall and provides a quick peek at A tower window. This information can be useful for the Operator taking first peek from A bath towards bomb point A. 

Sova’s drone initiated from A Garden in Haven makes pushing in easier for the duelists. There’s usually an Operator waiting for the attackers to peak A long. Attackers can easily take this Operator down with the help of Sova’s Owl drone and flash from a duelist. The drone must reach the top of the map to get a good view of the Operator peeking from A long, or A tower. 


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