These post-plant Brimstone incendiaries are better than an ult

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 2, 2021

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While every agent ability in Valorant is useful to some degree, Brimstone’s deadly incendiary works wonders in Ascent on the attacker side. 

Brimstone’s Orbital Strike is one of the most effective ways to secure a spike post-plant, but players won’t have an ult ready for every single round. This is where Brimstone’s basic kit comes in and dominates the bomb site.

The agent has three sky smokes, a stim beacon, and a molotov at his disposal. While his smokes can help the attackers take over a bomb site, his basic incendiary can be a gamechanger when it comes to keeping control of it. 

Post-plant incendiary lineup for Ascent A-site refrigerator 

Taking control of bomb point A in Ascent is relatively easy. Once the site is safe to plant, put the spike down behind the refrigerator. 

Go back to A lobby towards the attackers’ spawn and stand on the corner of the shop’s wall. Aim up at the edge of the building and shoot the incendiary grenade. The molotov will stay in the air for 5 seconds due to the distance. It’ll finally land behind the refrigerator, burning anyone who stands over the fire near the spike. 

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It’s important to notice here that this setup works well when you have at least one more teammate alive. Spike disposal sound is barely audible near attackers’ side spawn, and Brimstone may need a teammate closer to the site to alert him about the defuse. A plus point of this setup is that it allows the team controller to cut down rotations coming from attackers spawn. 

Post-plant incendiary lineup to clear bomb on Ascent 

The second post-plant lineup for bomb point A will increase the chances of a round win in a clutch situation. This setup starts from A lobby as well. However, it is much closer to the bomb point, allowing the players to hear the sound of spike defusing. 

Post next to the green boxes in A lobby and aim at the sky. Align the crosshair with the fissure in the explosion mark and launch the incendiary. The fire will land at the exact spot as the previous setup. This plan works best when Brimstone is in a clutch situation and wants to stay out of danger’s way. 

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These lineups will allow the controller to play a pivotal role in the team through his utility even after seizing control of the site. Brimstone still needs to play his role and provide cover for his duelists in order to get his team into position for these lineups to be useful.


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