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These mechanical gaming keyboards all cost under $100

by | Mar 17, 2023

Reading Time: 3 min.
Reading Time: 3 min.

With so many options near the $100 mark, it can be tough to pick the best gaming keyboard. We’ve done the hard work for you.

It’s shockingly easy to ball out when it comes to building a top-tier gaming machine, and it’s also easy to forget about peripherals. If you’ve just thrown together a budget gaming build or plugged in a prebuilt, you may suddenly realize your keyboard deserves an upgrade too. However, dropping more than $100 on a keyboard to compliment your gaming setup isn’t always an option. If you’re in the market for a cheap board that still ticks all the boxes, here are three fantastic options for 2023.

The HyperX Alloy Origins is no frills, all quality

It’s difficult to find top-tier brands at this price point, but HyperX has its budget audience covered with the Alloy Origins 60. This 60% gaming keyboard features all the trademarks of HyperX design with great lighting and proper mechanical switches. This compact option is a great choice for someone who wants a gaming keyboard from a top-tier brand for under $100.

The switches are HyperX’s own mechanical reds, which the company claims can last for 80 million activations. It comes in both black and pink, which compliments its deep per-key customization. It lacks some features like a dedicated function row and numpad, but it’s hard to argue with the reasonable $80 price tag.

G Pro has one of the best gaming keyboards for $100

If you want the most premium gaming keyboard option for a $100 budget, Logitech’s esports-focused line may be a good option. G Pro is currently offering its tenkeyless mechanical keyboard for just $91. It comes with customizable RGB lighting, full functions keys, and a detachable cable.

The switches are Logictech’s proprietary GX Blues, which are clicky and quick to activate. That makes it the same hardware used in its pricier esports-ready keyboards. It comes in close to the top of our price range, and it lacks a numpad. Someone looking for the highest quality option should consider the Logitech G Pro 80% if they don’t mind that missing feature.

havit makes a solid ultra-budget mechanical keyboard 

If you’re willing to go for a less-established brand for the sake of features, Havit offers one of the best gaming keyboards for features under the $100 mark. The company’s plainly-titled Mechanical Keyboard is notably rich with features. It comes with mechanical switches, striking keycaps, and a Numpad for just $43. This makes it an extremely budget-friendly option.

The keyboard’s manufacturer havit makes general electronics and is not specifically a gaming brand. Details on the switches are scarce, and the frame is very plain under the colored caps. They appear to have a standard mechanical design, and the keycaps are made from industry-standard PBT. Still, this gaming keyboard has some of the best value on features of anything under $100.

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