These are two essential Sova arrows to master on Icebox

By Nick Johnson


Oct 17, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Sova’s arrows are notoriously tricky to launch perfectly every time, but these arrows are as easy as they come for grabbing some much-needed information on Valorant’s new map.

Sova’s Recon Bolt give teams the information to strike at a moment’s notice, making them one of the most important pieces of utility in Valorant. Unfortunately, most Sova mains wind up giving away their position as they fire, either by the noise they make or the fact that enemies can see exactly where his arrows come from.

That means that even though Sova is an Initiator meant to kickstart combat, having the agent take long-range shots that the enemy doesn’t expect ends up with his team having an advantage. Icebox is no different, and with a wide-open skybox to work with, Sova can pull off some pretty great Recon Bolts. Most of these are also perfectly viable as Shock Bolt angles as well.

Sova recon Icebox

Attacking A in Icebox as Sova gives your team a huge advantage.

The hardest part about Sova is timing the arrow’s release, so here are two arrows that take an entirely charged shot and one bounce to be successful.

The first is a deep arrow into A that can be combined with an actual A take or a fake to B, leaving Sova to take over the task of guarding his team’s flank. It’s pretty simple too. Just out of spawn, stand on the indicated area and fire a fully charged shot with one bank.

Blog post image

Blog post image

What’s the best Sova arrow for retaking A on Icebox?

This arrow reveals almost all of the A site. In fact, it goes so deep, it also has a slight angle into middle, meaning that teams could get lucky here with an early pick on an enemy player.

We almost never see retake arrows from Sova, but this lineup means that in one versus one or one versus two situations Sova is able to enter the complete opposite direction of this arrow. If retaking A site from B through spawn, this fast lineup could give the Sova player an immediate advantage, almost more powerful than the attacking Recon Bolt before it.

After passing through the CT connector, players can back up into the right corner and toss a fully-charged, one bank Recon Bolt to see the majority of the A site. Plus, if the Recon Bolt shows the bomb but no enemies, that information can be used to determine their most likely position.

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Sova’s Recon Bolts recharge throughout the round, so it’s always helpful to throw one out early and have recharged before a player really needs it. Information is key in competitive shooters, and Sova fits right into that meta.


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