These are the worst champion picks in LoL patch 10.15

By Christian Vejvad


Jul 28, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

A lot is changing in the current meta after patch 10.15, especially with the addition of the game’s newest champion, Lillia. 

While the recent patch included many buffs, we also saw Riot give some heavy nerfs to some of solo queue’s hard hitters. We will be taking a look at some champions to avoid in solo queue. All statistics provided in the article are taken from Platinum elo games and above. 


Lillia is the newest addition to League of Legends, but her win rates are looking poor. It has been a common expectation from the community that new champions will be overturned at release, but this is not the case for Lillia. 

While Lillia is a fun addition to the game and has some unique mechanics, her win rate is currently the lowest of all champions in the game. Her win rates are the lowest in jungle, top lane, and mid lane, making her by far the worst champion on paper. The role with the least success is in the jungle with only 39.6% win rate, even though jungle is supposedly the role Riot mainly wants her to be in.

It’s likely that her win rates will improve in time as players become more familiar with the new champion, but it also seems clear that Riot will need to make changes to better enable Lillia.

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Aphelios has been one of the most popular champions in the game since his release, both in solo queue and in professional play. Aphelios is the champion behind the “200 years” meme and has been able to carry games singlehandedly for some time. Aphelios has received several nerfs since he was released, but it never seemed to be enough until patch 10.15. 

In this patch, Riot decided to completely gut the damage on Aphelios. More specifically, nerfs were harshly levied to his Crescendum and Infernum gun, and the nerfs seem to be having their intended effect. Aphelios is currently sitting on a 45.60% win rate, which is the second-lowest amongst all marksmen. It’s a rare sight to see Aphelios with such low numbers, but it might be the start of a new shift in the bot lane meta. 

Lee Sin

Lee Sin is an all-time favorite in the jungle and has always been a pick that specialists and professional players can rely on. In patch 10.15, Riot decided to nerf the cooldown on his W, and it seems to be working in solo queue. 

The blind monk has a 46.36% win rate, only beaten by Sylas between all junglers. Lee Sin is still picked in 16.9% of all games and banned in 13.7%. The nerf still might not be enough to take Lee Sin out of the professional meta, since his playmaking ability is still valuable. This apparent need for buffs could also be perfectly time to see Lee Sin tuned up heading into the World Championship, which seems an annual tradition in League of Legends.

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LeBlanc was not touched by the recent patch, but it still seems like she is dropping in priority. The mage assassin has been known for her high burst damage and her ability to jump in and out of fights, but it might not work so well in the current meta. As we are starting to see more team fight-oriented champions and tanks in both top lane and support roles, LeBlanc has been struggling to contribute by finding appropriate targets. She has a harder time bursting those targets since they are either too tanky or are being peeled for by others. 

LeBlanc will always be a champion that experts can carry on in solo queue, but her current 46.82% win rate tells us that other champions will be more effective as a carry in patch 10.15. 


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