These are the weaknesses of Corviknight in Pokémon Sword Shield

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Corviknight has become one of the big favorites in the eighth generation of Pokemon. Here are its biggest weaknesses and how to catch it. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield is the newest addition to the mainline Pokemon series, taking place in the Britain-inspired Galar region. A lot of new Pokemon can be discovered in the game including new regional variants and plenty of originals like Corviknight. Since Corviknight is great in battle, it’s also important to understand how to best deal with it when an opponent uses it.

What Pokemon type is Corviknight? 

Corviknight is a flying and steel-type Pokemon. That combination is a very useful typing that gives him a long list of resistances while also negating the steel-type weakness to ground attacks. The typing is shared with just two other Pokemon in Skarmory and Celesteela.

To learn about the strengths and weaknesses of Corviknight, it’s important to look at what sort of Pokemon type it is. The type or types of a Pokemon will indicate what its strengths are and what weaknesses it has. 


What are Corviknight’s weaknesses?

Corviknight is weak to two types, electric and fire, but is not doubly weak to anything. Corviknight takes double damage from both electric and fire-type moves, which provides a long list of Pokemon that Corviknight shouldn’t be put in a battle against. This is troublesome, as popular Pokemon like Charizard, Arcanine, and Jolteon all have an advantage against him while common moves like Thunderbolt and Flamethrower can quickly melt through Corviknight’s defenses. On the other hand, Corviknight can easily handle bug and grass-type Pokemon with his double resistances.

Because of Corviknight’s steel typing, it has a long list of resistances including to psychic, dragon, and normal moves. On top of this, Corviknight is completely immune to all poison and fairy-type attacks, which makes the steel raven a great addition to most Pokemon squads.  

How do you get Corviknight in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

The easiest way to get Corviknight in Pokemon Sword and Shield is to catch Rookidee to then evolve it all the way to Corviknight. Leveling up a Rookidee will obviously take some time, but it won’t require more than 38 levels before it is evolved all the way up to Corviknight. 

Catching a Rookidee can be done very easily on either route 1 or 2 at the very start of the game. Rookidee will also appear as an overworld spawn in Motostoke Riverbank, Slumbering Weald, Giant’s Mirror, and Hammerlocke Hills. Besides that, there are plenty of areas in the Galar region where Rookidee can be found in the tall grass as a random spawn. 

For players who don’t want to grind all the way to a Corviknight, it can also be found directly in both overworld spawns and in tall grass. The place to go for an overworld spawn of Corviknight is the deep part of the Slumbering Weald, where it has a 5% chance of appearing. 

Corviknight can also be found in certain parts of the Wild Area, depending on the weather. This includes the Dusty Bowl and the Lake of Outrage where Corviknight can be found fairly easily. Gigantamax Corviknight is also a fairly regular part of special raid den events.

Does Corviknight evolve? 

Corviknight cannot evolve further and is the last evolution in the three-stage line of Rookidee. Rookidee evolves at level 18 into Corvisquire, which later on evolved to its final form Corviknight at level 38. Both Rookidee and Corvisquire are pure flying types, but when evolved to Corviknight it adds steel typing.  


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