These are the strongest teams in the European Regional Leagues

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The European regional League of Legends leagues are booming like never before, and we’ve put together a list of some of the strongest teams from these competitions. 

Even though the LEC takes most of the attention in Europe, the regional leagues are also competing at a high level. The best teams from the regional leagues will ultimately qualify for the first EU Masters tournament of 2021, where both glory and a potential chance in the LEC are on the line for the players. In the most recent offseason, several rookies were picked up by LEC teams from the different European regional leagues, and 2021 is looking like another great year to discover talent.  


Mousesports has been competing among the best regional teams in Europe for a while now, but it has yet to go all the way at EU Masters. 2021 might be the time to change that, as Mousesports is currently topping the German Prime League. 

With former EU Masters champion and Misfits mid laner Adam “LIDER” Ilysov, Mousesports is looking like a scary contender and potential favorite when EU Masters starts. The team is sitting at a 12-4 record in the Prime League and has been showcasing great diversity in team compositions and a high individual level of play. The only team that can keep up with Mousesports is BIG, which is currently looking like the primary challenger for the throne. 

For 2021, Mousesports made a lot of roster changes with the goal to build a super team. Most notable was the addition of former Unicorns of Love bot laner Ilya “Gadget” Makavchuk, who participated at the 2020 World Championship when he and UoL qualified for the main event after a great showing in the play-in stage. 

On paper, Mousesports is a team to keep an eye on and is currently looking like one of the best teams in Germany. 



The defending EU Masters champion AGO ROGUE is still looking great after losing all of its players in the recent offseason, four of them to LEC teams. AGO ROGUE has now built up a new team that is currently dominating the Polish Ultraliga with only one loss so far this season, with a chance to repeat last year’s accomplishments both domestically and in the EU Masters. 

Led by former Splyce mid laner Chres “Chres” Laursen, AGO ROGUE is looking unstoppable in the Ultraliga and is likely waiting to go up against tougher competition at the EU Masters. Before that can happen, the team has to perform in the Ultraliga playoffs. Everything is pointing towards a dominant performance. 

The current challengers seem to be Illuminar Gaming and 7more7 Pompa Team, but on a good day, AGO ROGUE looks unstoppable. Their individual level is on point and being the academy team to the current LEC top team Rogue is also paying dividends.

BT Excel

Another LEC Academy team that is worth looking at is BT Excel, who are participating in the NLC, the best league in Northern Europe. It features teams from the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Ireland, and Iceland. 

With a star-studded roster, BT Excel ended the group stage with the best record among all 12 teams and is looking to be a favorite to take the trophy. After signing former MAD Lions top laner Andrei “Orome” Popa and the young jungle talent Mark “Markoon” Woensel for the 2021 season, BT Excel is built to win, and it’s showing. 

BT Excel’s only loss so far this season was to Nordavind, but that wasn’t enough to throw off the favorites. BT Excel ended the group stage with a four-game winning streak, moving them directly into the playoffs’ upper bracket. In the first match of playoffs, BT Excel was paired up against Barrage and it ended in a smooth victory. This means that BT Excel is already on track for the NLC final and a spot at EU Masters. 


G2 Arctic

For the Spanish LVP league, it’s not the usual teams that are currently dominating. The defending champions Movistar Riders and previous champions Vodafone Giants are not as dominant this split, leaving room for other teams at the top of the standings. 

One of the teams to take advantage of that is G2 Arctic, currently placed at the top with a 10-5 record and locked in a playoffs spot as the only team so far. G2 Arctic started out the split with a high tempo, winning the first six games before taking a loss to Cream Real Betis. G2 Arctic lost some momentum after that loss, but is now starting to accelerate again. 

Several teams are currently right behind G2 Arctic in the standings, so the last game of the regular split will still be important. With that said, the G2 Arctic team is currently looking like the strongest in Spain. 

Team BDS

The French LFL league is more competitive than ever in 2021, and two new teams are currently topping the charts. One of them is Team BDS, sitting at a 9-4 record alongside Karmine Corp at the top of the table. 

Team BDS might be a new name, but it boasts some recognized players that have performed at EU Masters before. Most notably is top laner Marcin “iBo” Lebuda, who had a great 2020 season on K1CK in the Polish Ultraliga, resulting in him being a coveted free agent for the bigger European leagues. The same goes for jungler Subicz “bluerzor” Dániel, who was picked up from GamersOrigin to be a part of the new project at Team BDS. GamersOrigin won the 2020 LFL Summer Split last year and bluerzor played a key role in that.

The LFL still has two weeks left of the regular split and it’s very close at the top of the standings. Team BDS is yet to lock in a spot in the playoffs despite its great record, so staying focused will be crucial in the last four games. Team BDS is looking like a strong contender. 


What is European Masters League of Legends?

The EU Masters is where the top teams from the European regional leagues duke it out. Prior to the tournament, all teams have played in their respective regional leagues spread across Europe. The best get to prove themselves at EU Masters, where the next generation of star players might be discovered for future opportunities in the LEC. 

When is EU Masters 2021? 

The official dates for the European Masters 2021 Spring event haven’t been revealed yet, but it’s expected to start shortly after the regional leagues conclude the spring split. Most European leagues are heading into the playoffs shortly and will likely conclude by the end of March or the start of April. 


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