These are the most popular games of 2023

By William Davis


Feb 6, 2024

Reading time: 3 min

In 2023, the gaming industry witnessed a surge of releases from both AAA and indie developers, pleasing fans with a plethora of new titles.

Every year that passes, numerous great titles are being released from some of the best gaming companies in the world. Even so, there do seem to be some periods when things are looking even brighter than usual. For instance, at the start of 2024, people will get to enjoy two tremendous Japanese RPGs: Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth.

In this list, I will name 5 games that I personally found the most interesting last year.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda games from Nintendo’s very own Shigeru Miyamoto have always been major successes. It is almost unbelievable that the track record for this series is as stellar as it is. When a new main Zelda game is coming, you just know it is going to be a banger like no other.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was a highly anticipated sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The BotW was one of the launch games for Nintendo Switch and, as such, definitely helped the console get off the ground with a bang. And while we did have to wait for quite a bit to get our hands on Tears of the Kingdom, the wait was definitely worth it.

Tears of the Kingdom brought us everything we loved about Breath of the Wild but with more innovation and fun new gravity-based tricks. The ragdoll effects in this game are as hilarious as ever, and the game really takes Nintendo Switch to its technical limits. Praise be to Shigeru Miyamoto and the whole Nintendo team!

2. Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Here’s another Nintendo Switch title on the list. You simply can never count out the Super Mario brothers!

While some may not have been that excited to see Mario go back to 2D, this game absolutely delivered on just about every metric. In this world of darkness and horror, Nintendo continues to deliver games that are fun for the whole family. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is another incredible example of this with its funky visuals and cute art style.

Heck, you can never go wrong with Super Mario, can you?

3. Max Megaways 2

In addition to exciting video games, 2023 also saw multiple cool slot machines being released. The website Mgacasino features several safe and entertaining online casinos that allow you to have a crack at one of the best slots of the past year. This slot is obviously Max Megaways 2 by the Australian company Big Time Gaming.

Max Megaways 2 is a thrilling slot machine with multiple great features. It is also a nod to the world of video games as well as Hollywood action movies, especially the James Bond franchise. Big explosions and cool sound effects are both bountiful in this modern slot hit.

4. WWE 2K23

What can I say—I love the sport of professional wrestling. Because of this, I decided to also include WWE 2K23 on this list. Even just seeing wrestlers like the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns or The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes in a video game is sure to make me smile from ear to ear… let alone the chance of recreating their iconic rivalry in my living room!

WWE 2K games have not always been as good, but 2K23 was definitely one of the better recent installments in the series. Because of that, I will have to acknowledge (pun intended) this game on my list as well!

5. Fortnite

I did say in the title that these games were going to be some of the most popular games in 2023, right? With this loophole, I can easily conclude this list with Fortnite!

Even though Fortnite was already released in 2017, it has continued to evolve and maintain its popularity quite well indeed. The end of 2023 actually saw the game return to its roots with an OG season, which made several lapsed fans come back, even if for a month or so.

Personally, I only actually got into Fortnite last year. Even so, you can find me online enjoying Zero Build Battle Royale almost daily. I have since racked up over 500 hours of gameplay! Pretty sweet, right?


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